Ten Pin Bowling
@ Queanbeyan Bowl

6th August 2006


We gathered at KFC Fyshwick at 10.00am for a planned 10.30 departure. The weather was absolutely fantastic. A glorious winters day by any account. At 10.30 we departed for QBN Bowl driving along Canberra Avenue. The traffic was pretty thick for a Sunday so keeping the Torries together Indian style was a bit tricky. We proceeded along the main street of Queanbeyan and eventually arrived at the Bowling Alley at about 10.50am. Cars parked up we ventured inside to sign up for the big event.

After paying for the games getting the kids organised and putting on the hired bowling shoes, we commenced the tournament. It was at this stage the disclaimers of “I haven’t bowled for years”, “my leg is a bit saw” and Pat’s excuse that he had just finished shoveling 2 tons of concrete and dirt was feeble by any stretch of imagination!

The kids took up 2 of the lanes and the adults used the remaining 3. It was obvious within 3 minutes of commencing that most members including myself would have benefited dramatically from a good wheel alignment. Maree was bowling in lane 3 but her ball wanted to go down lane 5. Good job there was a gutter in the way hay Maree! However you cannot knock her enthusiasm. She was so keen she even stole other people’s turns!

Pat also was doing well. Out of sheer frustration he began to spin around and looked like he was about to put himself into a hammer throw style of delivery, until someone reminded him of where he was. After composing himself he eventually worked out that what he needed to do was to aim for the place he didn’t want the ball to go and therefore logically it would absolutely do the opposite.

Phil just resorted to the old throw the ball as far as you can before it hits the lane trick. That was so it didn’t have time to roll into the gutter before hitting the pins. The huge divett and cracks in the lane will be repaired next week they tell me!

Gerry the sand-bagger was also playing a fine game. He was pretty quiet in the first round however once getting his eye in, in the second he led the way for most of the game with multiple strikes. Eventually however the rev-head background got the better of him and all he wanted to do was to try and break the sound barrier by bowling the ball as fast as he possibly could. As you would imagine, the technique quickly spread and it became a speed freak free for all. Gerry won with a 33 .7kph an hour. Not bad Gerry!

Robyn did pretty well also. She eventually got her eye in and toward the middle of round 2 came up with consecutive strikes which was recognised by all with numerous high fives and congratulations. Well bowled Robin!

Paul had a bit of a disaster whilst delivering one of his bowls. After a little trip and a stagger he almost cleaned up the entire population of bowlers in the adjoining lane. There were women and children running for their lives!

Jan came for one game only as she had to leave to take up other commitments. (So she says) I think she just spied the level of competition and decided it wasn’t worth wasting her energy!

The kids had a fantastic time also. At one stage there were 8 kids bowling one ball down one lane! and on another 8 kids bowling 8 balls at the same time! Fantastic skills!

At the conclusion of the superb world calls bowling performance put on by the members we handed in the shoes, cranked up the Torries and cruised over to Hungry Jacks to grab a bite before heading home.

Truly folks, it was a great way to spend a Sunday and at 4 bucks a game it was money well spent. If you didn’t come along you really missed out.

Thank you very much Pat for organising a good day out.

Results of the tourney are as follows:

Adults Kids

Name - Game 1, Game 2 - Total

Callum - 115, 75 - 190
Rowan - 44, 52 - 96
Phil - 130, 133 - 263
Dieter - 117, 112 - 229
Maree - 33, 82 - 115
Gerry - 109, 106 - 215
Mark - 101, 94 - 195
Paul - 115, 115 - 230
Laureen - 114, 87 - 201
Balinda - 93, 65 - 158
Pam - 99, 91 - 190
Liesl - 61, 108 - 169
Pat - 107, 115 - 222
Robin - 84, 108 - 192
Jan - 75 - 75

Madeline 114
Emily 81
Eve 90
Ainslie 106
Pat 71
Michelle 88
James 102
Casey 77
Layla 95
Melanie 71

Thank you to the following members for their attendance and support

Phil - LX hatchback
Pat, Robin, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – SLR 5000
Gerry & Balinda, Jamie& Melanie – SLR 5000
Mark & Pam, Dieter, Pat, Ayman & Layla – SS Hatchback
Maree, Steve, Michelle, James, Casey & Eve – Commodore
Paul, Laureen, Callum & Rowan – Landcruiser
Jan & Allan - Falcon
Vish – Commodore


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