Bredbo Run
Sunday 21st June 2015

G'day folks

On Sunday we meandered out to the Bredbo Pub for lunch. As we hadn't ever been there as a club before, and with new owners, this was going to be a good trial for a future return.

Well the sun was out and the day looked like it was going to be a cracker. Once we all had meet up along the Monaro Highway we headed towards Bredbo which was about a half hour or so run.  As we got to Wiliamsdale things started to look a little more bleak with a cloud cover starting to roll in.  And when we descended into the valley, the cloud cover soon became a 'pea soup' like fog. Anyway, we kept going with the hope it would clear up again as it looked like it was going to be a lovely Winter's day.

Well that didn't eventuate. We arrived at Bredbo Pub and the fog looked like it wasn't going anywhere in a hurry.  The decision was easy for the group to head into the pub and gather around one of the multiple fireplaces. Once we had all warmed up, we started to order our meals. The menu was typical of any country pub and well suited to the cold outside weather.

Once we had settled at our tables, the meals started arriving. Wow, they were good! Gotta say I was most impressed and I didn't hear anything but praise from the rest of the gang. The hot chips were to die for, so much so that some of us went back for seconds.

So the kids found their way outside after eating to explore the surroundings while the parents sat around and chatted by the fire. The environment was very relaxed and comfortable. So my adjudication was that it would be a great place to revisit in the future.  The staff were lovely and the meals were fantastic. And the timing of the meals being delivered was also very respectable given we had a large group to feed. And most of the all, the beer on tap was top notch.

So around 2pm we started to pack up and head home.  A big thank you to the staff/owners of the Bredbo Pub for their kind hospitality! We'll be back again so thanks again.

To all that made the effort to come, some 25 or so of us, I hope you all enjoyed the day.

Cheers and see you next time,


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