Casurina Sands
23rd January 2011


CTC Casuarina Sands Run Report 2011

What an awesome day. I really enjoyed myself today and was glad to see
so many members turn up. All up we had 11 toranas at the Cotter for our
annual BBQ run.

We all met up at our usual spot at Woolies car park in Weston. Once we
had stocked the trailer we were off for a relaxing afternoon by the river.

It was leisurely run down to the BBQ area. The line of Torana's looked
awesome snaking their way down the hill. Once down at Casuarina Sands
we set up and cranked up the BBQ. At guess their would have been 30 or
so mouths to feed so the kitchen staff had to step things up a gear.....
Once the food was ready we sat down to a lovely spread of BBQ meats and
salads. As usual idle chit chat took place during eating time and
naturally the kids couldn't wait any longer to get down to the river for
a swim. The kids also had a ball running around chasing each other
while the Mum's and Dad's took turns to watch after the little ones.

At the last club meeting we all decided that the club would like to make
a donation to the Queensland flood appeal. During the day we handed
around a bucket so that those that wanted to contribute could. After
all, the donations were to aid a great cause. From what I saw in the
bucket there was several hundred dollars going towards the appeal.
Thanks to those who generously donated. Every little bit helps those
unfortunate people who lost so much during the devastating floods.

Again the weather was superb. The afternoon went quickly and before we
knew it it was mid afternoon. We all started to pack up around 2.30 so
that us avid cricket lovers could get home to see Australia toast the
Poms in the one dayers again :-)

Thanks to all those that came for the run. Especially all the new
members who turned up as well. Glad you all had a good time and hope to
see more of you.

PS hope you had a nice birthday Brad....

Till next time, take care.

CTC Run Coordinator

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