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15th November 2003











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Cooma Motorfest – 15th November, 2003
CTC Hauls Ass!

Is was with great anticipation that awaited the arrival of the Cooma Motorfest, it’s reputation as a top motoring event preceding it. With over 300 vehicles of all makes and models on display during the day, it certainly lived up to it’s reputation. Among the 300 vehicles, were over 50 Monaro’s, both new and old.

The big news of the day was the huge haul of trophies. Richard Charlton with his A9X started the trophy parade, with a 2nd place for his “modified” (Eeek) Torana. In the Stock Torana Class, more trophies followed, with Laurie taking out first place, Trevor second place, and Pat third place. A well deserved Best Display Award went to the Military Vehicle display, which was most impressive.

How an immaculate green LJ XU-1 didn’t take out a trophy we don’t know, but that’s another story.

The trophies were a piece of the first rock removed for the construction of the Snowy Hydro Scheme, with the pieces removed from the original mullock pile.

It was a fantastically hot day, and the event suited our style, very laid back and casual. To their credit, the organisers organised the awards so the crowd could sit amongst the shade of the “popular” (poplar) trees. Thanks to some pre-planning, the decision to take a marque to escape the sun proved to be a good decision.

The event coincided with the Snowy Ride event, which we are told tied up the police between Cooma and Jindabyne. We didn’t spot any of the constabulary the whole day.

The day started early with a 7:30am departure from the Calwell Service Station, where we found a new LC, and Marty who apart from his daily driver, owns an ex Forbes Le Mans car (another rare beast garaged here in Canberra). The day also marked the debut of Lawries new plates – ALX-09X. The drive to the event was relatively uneventful, and a good quick drive.

Arriving in Cooma, we were on the lookout for a Carlovers to wash the bug ridden cars, but there was none to be found. A quick call into the local Mack’s Auto Parts for some sponges, carwash and buckets, and a very friendly proprietor that allowed us to use the hose and buckets behind the shop to tidy the cars. To our surprise, there are no water restrictions in Cooma! We paid the guy what we’d normally pay at Carlovers on cleaning the cars, and made our way to the showground. The usual ritual of everyone cleaning a couple of cars took place, and we were out of their in no time.

The chairs were quickly out, marque and banner erected on arrival, with Laurie, Joe, and Lj finishing off detailing the cars, of which they did a fantastic job. For the rest of us, it was a matter of lounging in the chairs, drinking the club drinks, and generally relaxing. We spoke with the guys from STC Southern Branch. Richard had driven up solo to the event, and was placed with the “other” Toranas, but stuff happens, and that was that, but it didn’t stop us catching up with Richard and his son in the Marque. He’s rebuilt his engine after a buggered lifter, and his most happy with the result.

The lift home incorporated Lawrie’s usual refuelling stop at McDonalds, prior to the trip home, after Pat tightened his extractor bolts. Again the trip home was relatively uneventful, passing Steve and Danielle trailing the LJ home a couple of times. We stopped at Bredbo, where Lj was handed the keys to the L34, and the L’s fixed in position.

Idiot driver of the day award goes to a fellow driving a white Corolla with his eyes firmly fixed on the car in front of him going around the roundabout, and not on whether or not there was any traffic coming around the round-a-bout. It pays to look to your right before driving onto a round-a-bout.

All in all a great relaxing day in the sun! We look forward to the next Motorfest in 2 years time.

Cars Attending:
Lawrie & Aiden – LX A9X
Richard & Son – LX A9X
Trevor & Lj – LH L34 SL/R 5000
Mike, Amanda & Nathan – LC 2-dr
Gerry & Rod – LX SL/R 5000
Pat, Madeline & Joe – LH SL/R 5000

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