Cooma Motorfest
Saturday 26th November 2005




No need for alarm clocks, a loud clap of thunder at 4:15am served that purpose. It was a wet start, with a wet finish, with everything in between from sweltering sunny periods, to wind, although thankfully no rain during the event for the bi-annual Cooma Motorfest.

The fun started with a wet start from the Calwell Servo at 7:00am. We regained Paul and the trailer at Williamsdale, who went ahead in leaps and bounds espousing the virtues of the Club with the trailer (we had trouble keeping up!!!). All was good, and other cars en-route to the same event made the travel time pass quickly, including the lime bath mid-distance at the road works.

We regrouped upon arriving at Cooma, booked in and set up for the day. It was a case of all hands on deck as we set up the shade structures, the BBQ. Pat and Alan hooked in to cooking breakfast. Despite Amanda pointing out the perils of putting eggs near the drainage hole, before you could say lickety-split, the Club BBQ quickly devoured one of the eggs. Troops fed, it was time to do what we do best…..nothing!

We cruised around and looked at the cars on display. As per usual, the Cooma Motorfest did not disappoint for the quality and range of all things automotive on display, a damn good show.

Before you knew it the worms were biting again, and we swung into lunch. Mike and Phil commanded cooking lunch (Where was the Club mum?). Lunch went down very smoothly, however fanatic Pete from Master Cut Meets had provided us with too much food. We invited the Sydney Torana Club Southern Branch guys across to assist in consuming all the food. Despite that, there was still heaps left, so we invited the Street Machine Guys, the FE-HR Club and the Victorian Monaro Club across to assist in getting through the mountain of food.

Don’t know how, but we missed the start of the trophy presentation. Nothing to report this year in terms of trophies that was probably directly proportional to the number of Monaro’s on display. There were heaps of Monaro’s at the last show, and probably double that number at this years display.

We headed for home, regrouping in the Cooma main street before heading for home. Again, we headed into rain. As per usual the police based themselves at Bredbo. We regathered at the pre-agreed dispersal point at Tuggeranong Hill, had a debrief on the day, and all headed our own separate ways.

Cars Attending:-
Pat, Mike & Amanda – LH SL/R 5000
Trevor & Tryrone – LH SL/R 5000 L34
Denise & Lincoln – LH (Riverina Toranas)
Alan – LX
Phil – LX Hatch
Paul, Callam & his other son – Toyota Land Cruiser & Club Trailer
Maree & Michelle – VR Commodore
Steve, Casey & Eve – VK Commodore

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