Cotter Family BBQ
15th October 2006


Run Report for Family BBQ at the Cotter 15 October 2006.

The CTC met at Weston between 11.00am and 11.30am for the cruise out to the Cotter.

I arrived at about 11.15am to the greetings of the group. Jan reminded me that she had picked up all of the necessary provisions for the day which instantly reminded me I had left the essential ingredient for the BBQ at home. The meat! So off I toddled the15 k’s back home to get the meat and made a short cut across the ranges direct to the Cotter. I would forget my head if it weren’t screwed on!

After arriving at the cotter we made the necessary encampment and set up the cooking apparatus. It was good to see a bunch of members willing to give a hand with the cooking. Thanks to those who did.

I must apologise for the snags being frozen. I was supposed to take them out of the freezer the night before but again I forgot.

For those who didn’t go, We had a very relaxing afternoon just soaking up the sun and dinning on sausages, bacon, onion and a really good salad that Jan made of Tomato, Water Melon and Onion. It was really delicious.

Thanks to those who contributed to the BBQ such as Jan for getting the provisions and the other members who helped cook.

A great day was had by all.

Some of the members comments were:

“Nice meat. If only it wasn’t bloody frozen”. A dig at me I think folks. Oh well ya can’t be good looking and have a good memory that all I can say!

“ Good friendly atmosphere”

“Bloody Good day! Want more of these please. - Thanks”

“Great day for a cruise + BBQ. Not to hot, perfect weather, top lunch.”

“Members should support runs like this more. Come on folks, have a go!”

I’m not sure if everyone returned there run feedback forms on this run. Remember this is the only way the club can record your, and your guests attendance. It also goes to identifying people for club points and trophies at the end of the year. So please get your forms back to me by the end of the trip/event. It is important

If I have missed your name out below I apologise but I am just going by the names provided to me on the forms that were returned.

Paul H.

The club would like to thank the following people for their attendance and support.

Phil - LX Hatch - 308
Trevor, Jason & Justin - L34 Torana
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie - SLR 5000 (Old Yella)
John & Stacy - LJ 2 door
Kevin - UC Hatch
Peter & Linda - A9X 4 door
Craig, Tom & Carly - LX 308 Hatch
Rod - LJ 4 door
Maree, Steve, Michelle, Casey & Eve - VN Commodore
Paul, Laureen, Rowan, Callum - Support Vehicle and Club Trailer
Jan & Allan - EL Falcon
Jason, Tanya, Madison & Emily - XM Falcon
Marissa, Cody and Ben - VX SS Commodore

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