Canberra 2 Crookwell Charity Cruise and Swap Meet
Sunday 28th October 2013

The 2013 Canberra 2 Crookwell Charity Cruise saw eleven CTC cars (pretty good numbers) gather at the Kamberra Winery carpark on Northbourne Avenue on a beautiful Canberra spring morning. Together with about fifty other slick machines the convoy departed just after 8am to embark on the 127km journey to the annual Crookwell Swapmeet.
What could have possibly gone wrong I hear you ask? Well - when the rear passenger wheel on a very neat HZ ute decided that it wanted to get to Crookwell quicker than the rest of the car and in the process overtook several others in the convoy courtesy of a snapped axle - mayhem ensued about 20km this side of Goulburn. Many a following muscle car's braking system was severely tested so to avoid further incident. It was actually a miracle that the offending wheel missed everyone and was recovered undamaged.  
Speaking of incidents - good samaritans Bevo and Gerry stopped to render assistance only to return to their vehicle and find that the fuel pump had packed it in. Gerry used all of his mechanical know how ie: pouring petrol down the carby - to no avail.  A frustrating two hour wait saw Mrs Bevo as the saviour with a car trailer in tow and back they headed to Canberra safe and sound. Unfortunately guys, the problems with the You See (UC) meant You Saw nothing of the swap meet :( I guess the moral of the story is that nice guys don't always finish first.
Anyway, although this run appeared to be all about the journey, the remainder of cars assembled in sparkling form to put on an impressive display for the locals.  Many a head was also turned during the run into town and especially en route through Goulburn. The swap meet itself was its usual charming self with many a bargain to be found and delicious local fare to be sampled.  
Thank you to the Falcon GT Club of Canberra for organising the event again this year and thank you to all entrants for donating $10 per car to charity.    
Have fun and please be careful out there.
Stephen G

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