Club Dyno Day

29th March 2003

A Big Thanks Goes Out To Autotech Services, Collie St Fyshwick,
A Great Day Was Had By All!!!.

Dyno Photos
Dyno Photos

Trophie Photos
Trophie Photos

Looking for Horsies - Dyno Day

At the pre-run gathering, we got the chance to meet two new members to the Club, Gary in a gold UC, and Cameron with his L's in his new silver LC. Lj also showed up driving Alan's LH, with the L plates on display.

We departed for Autotech Services at 12:30pm. We all parked across the road from Autotech, and promptly went to see what this dyno stuff was all about. Peter greeted us with a warm friendly smile, as we prepared setting up the BBQ, and table for lunch.

Meanwhile, we lined up the first three Torana's for the dyno. Amanda and Mike, Pat, and Laurie where the first three cars to line up, followed by Trevor, Phil, Garry, and Alan. Cheers went up for Garry in the Gold UC with a 1900 Opel engine as it cranked up 50.8 HP. Results from the dyno were:-
The links below show the dyno printouts:

Phil - 75.1HP - 253 - No Printout.

We broke for lunch half way through the tests, with snags and drinks for everyone, as we caught up with the runs thus far. Lj demonstrated his driving skills after a whole 2 days with his L's by getting Phil's car stuck on the Dyno. Good practice I'm sure.

Vish who couldn't attend due to work commitments dropped in to pay a visit, as did Damien. Damien tells me that to get the flywheel horse power roughly, divide the rear wheel by 2, and add it to the reading.

Our appreciation for the time and specialist help from Peter Dayton of Autotech Services was recognised by presenting him with a plaque of appreciation.

Highest horsepower went to Laurie in his A9X, and runner up V8 to Trevor in his L34. The gruntiest six went to Nathan in his 202 SL/R LX. Runner up, albeit in a four, was Gary, well done.

We departed to check out Joe's white and black car at his dad's factory in Queanbeyan. From the factory, we noted that there was a wrecking yard across the way with a few Toranas, so we made a quick visit there as well, with a few people buying some parts.

We concluded the run with some sundaes and ice creams at McDonalds Queanbeyan, with the ulterior motive of making arrangements for McHappy Day in May.

All in all, the Dyno Day turned out to be an extremely enjoyable day. After the first couple of runs, all could see that it wasn't that scary, and we ended up running up all but one of the cars on the Dyno. I think that everybody went away with some useful information on how to improve their vehicles.

I hear that after the performance of the LH, that Jan has resumed prime ownership of the car.

Again, our sincere thanks to Peter Dayton of Autotech Services for providing this service for us, it is greatly appreciated.

Rana on!

Alan, Jan, & Lj Harriet LH Sedan
Phil, Jamie & Yusaku LX Sedan
Amanda, Mike & Nathan LH Sedan
Pat LH SL/R 5000
Laurie, Tane & Aden LX A9X Hatch
Trevor LH L34
Garry UC Sedan
Cameron & Glen LC Sedan
Joe Doherty, friend and Dad

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