Gundaroo 27th June

Gundaroo Pub and Pizza Run

Today was the CTC Gundaroo Pub and Pizza Run.  It was looking like it was going to be a pleasant winter's day.  The meeting place was Supercheap Autos in Queanbeyan for an 11.00am departure.

Unfortunately a couple of hopefuls couldn't make the run in the end so we had to take off without them.  Just after 11.00am we decided to head off for the 30 or so minute drive out to Gundaroo.  In all there were 5 Torana's and 3 family cars.  Of significance was the fact that there were 3 Torana's that hadn't featured on a club run before, it was great to see.  As is turned out, they were all very nice ones indeed with the long awaited CB red LS2 hatch showing up at last after 2 years in the build, as well Steve in his very nice L32 SS and Michael in his lovely Kawasaki Green LX with a grumpy little 6 pack!  Craig as usual brought his trusty LH5000 along and Brad and Shelly with their beautiful Black 350 hatch.  In all there were about 20 of us.

The drive there was uneventful and pleasant.  We arrived at about 11.45am and found a good spot to park all the cars.  We then headed down the lane way to the infamous Gundaroo Pizza place.  The table was all set and we ordered our meals.  The place was very busy and the meals
took a little while to get to us but once they arrived it was well worth the wait.  I must say being a pizza lover they were very delicious. I believe the Foccacia's were very nice too.  After an hour or so we had all finished our meals and headed over to the pub for a schooner or two. 

They went down a treat after the very filling pizza lunch.  The sun was shinning and the afternoon was very relaxing with lots of idle chit-chat taking place.  It was also a good opportunity for the boys to swap tales about their recent torry builds while some of the girls wandered over to the craft shop.  Anne came back with the biggest trophy, a cast iron wall ornament.  Craig's first thought was will it fit in the car????

Anyway, around 2.00pm we decided it was time to head home.  The afternoon was really great fun and a nice relaxing low fuss day.  As always, good food and good company go hand in hand.  Many a taunt between members and lots of laughs as well.  Thanks to all of those that made the effort to come along.  With a bit of luck the next run will feature a few more rebuilt beasts.

Thanks again, Gerry.

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