KFC on Canberra Ave

Marques In The Park

19th October 2003


Old Parliament House


John's LJ 2 Door

Kevin & Luke's LJ 4 Door

Pat & Robyn's SL/R 5000

John's LX 4 Door


Mike's LC 2 Door


Allan & Jan's LH 4 Door


Phil's LH 4 Door

Lawrie's A9X


Trevor's SL/R 5000


Gerry's SL/R 5000

Ray's SL/R 5000


ACT Street Machine Club


Canberra Torana Club Groupshots



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Marques in the Park (Jungle)
Sunday 19th October

We met at KFC Canberra Avenue at 8:30 as planned prior to going to Old Parliament House for the Council of ACT Motor Club’s Marques in the Park, under blue skies and fantastically warm weather. We had Kevin and his son Luke’s LJ 4 door Torana for the first time. Apparently it is Kevin’s till Luke gets his license.

It was a great turnout with 10 cars and a heap of kids.

We left at 8:45am for Parliament House, remarkably the red light gods were smiling and we arrived as a group as planned. We had Torana’s lined up from one end of Parliament House to the other, down the road in front of the building. It was an impressive turnout, with goodness knows how many cars. The only indication of size was the fact that the carpark was chock-a-block with cars of every make, colour and description, including a few FJ’s complete with caravans, and the odd hot-rod.

Being faster than some of the older vehicles, we were given the long run via Coppins Crossing. It was a fairly uneventful drive to John Knight Memorial Park, although the damage done by the fires was more than evident, with bare hills everywhere. Being a Sunday morning, slow commuter traffic was everywhere, although we still had to stop once to regroup after a few knarly intersections that broke the group up. An MG, we presume that was lost, tagged on the back and followed us to the venue.

Arriving at the venue, we thought that Marques in the Jungle might be a more apt name, as the grass was getting on knee high, a plan by the government to help the grass survive a dry summer. The front spoilers came in handy in reducing the height somewhat. The grass followed some higher than normal speed bumps on the way in that got some exhausts singing.

We found a pretty good spot under the trees, right near the playground. The result being that we had minimal interaction with the kids all day, as they entertained themselves on the play equipment. We hoisted the banner, and set up camp for the afternoon.

There was a most impressive array of cars on display, from the mass of FJ’s to Morris Minors, MX-5’s, American cars, motorcycles, Old Fire Trucks, RX-everythings, and more.

Wasn’t long till it was time for the entrée, chicken wings, before laying up seven trays of sausages for the masses, along with salads and coleslaw. An emergency dash for fuel was required, as the BBQ was running a bit lean, although it didn’t run out all day.

A fellow came and told us he had an LH, parked over yonder in the carpark. What started as just an LH, turned out to be an awesome light grey metallic LH, with nice Simmons wheels, and a fantastic interior, a very tidy car. He joined us for a while, making a total of 11 cars on display.

Phil’s old car also made an appearance with another club.

Trevor, Laurie and Pat disappeared after lunch for some pics lakeside by a professional photographer, Digicam Photography’s, Nils Molvig.

It was a most perfect day when we arrived, turning to overcast as the day progressed. However, with so many freshly washed cars it was bound to rain sooner or later, but it managed to hold off till we left. We were amongst the last to leave.

A great turnout, 11 cars in all, not including visitors during the day. Thanks to all who attended. The cars certainly drew their fair share of attention, including a couple of membership enquiries, so good work all.

Dickhead award of the day goes to a fellow showing Trev and Pat his fantastic driving skills in the wet, in his Black late model Mercedes on the way home, fishtailing exiting one roundabout, and fully sideways on another, not in control of the vehicle at all. Most impressive.

Cars Attending:-
Laurie – A9X Hatch
Alan, Cameron & Joe – LH 4 door
LJ, Jan and Katrina – LJ 2 door
Kevin and Luke – LJ 4 door
Phil, Tanya, Jamie & Madison – LH 4 door
Gerry, Belinda and Melany – LX SL/R 5000
Trevor & Madeline – LH L34 SL/R 5000
Pat, Robyn, Emily and Ainslie – LH SL/R 5000
Mike & Amanda – LC 2 door
John & Jody – LX 4 door
Vish, Jarad and Jessica – Not a Torana

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