Sydney International Motor Show
22 October 2005

While in Sydney, Pat & Robyn took the opportunity to pay a fleeting visit to the Sydney International Motor Show at Sydney. The main aim was to go and see the Holden Efijy, although there was also the Holden S3X Concept vehicle also debuted, a hybrid 4WD/Station Wagon type vehicle, similar to the Holden Adventra on steroids.

You name it, it was there, including the exotics like Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lambroghini, and Lexus. From my observation, it appears that all the manufacturers are keen on producing Ferrari/Lambroghini like cars, as you can see from the pics. Even Ferrari (not pictured) producing a car that looks like a Porsche on steroids.

Photos and Run Report by Pat


Thanks to Alan for these next group of photos


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