Pumpkin Festival - Collector NSW

7th May 2006

Maree had told us all of a Pumkin Festival that was being held in the small town Collector. With that, a few of us braved the gale force winds for a 10am departure from Kanberra Wineries.

With a fairly short drive, and some of us seeing a vehicle blown over on its roof, and the cars being bucketed by the winds along Lake George, we arrived in historical Collector, where obviously the locals have a fascination with pumpkins.

We parked in a sheep paddock, and ventured on in to the festival. A few of us had a sausage sandwich before we went off to the patting farm. The kids were amazed by lambs, chickens, ducks, Angora goat, kittens, calf, sow and some merino’s past their eating date.

After a look around, and checking the 40kg+ pumpkins out in the town hall, we had all had enough of the wind, and decided to go to the local pub for lunch. On departure from the Festival, a Marquee similar to the ones owned by the club took off and landed on overhead power lines causing a spectacular fireworks show before crashing down into the crowd.

Amanda led the way to the Bushranger hotel, since everyone else was lost in a small country town. The hotel was the scene of a gun battle back in the late 1800’s involving the infamous Ben Hall. A few of us had a “bushy burger”, whilst the kids all had chips.

After lunch, we all decided to head back to Canberra/Queanbeyan as the weather was not the best for sight seeing.

Pat was fascinated by the gates to the Adams family’s house over the road from the Hotel, and a few deciding it wouldn’t be a bad photo shoot with Torana’s in the foreground some stage down the line.

I believe this to be the very first run the club has ever had with no attending Torana’s. Something to do with Petrol prices and V8’s?

In Attendance
Maree, Casey, Eve – VR Holden Commodore
Amanda, Mike, Nathan – VN Holden Commodore
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily, Ainslie – VN Holden Commodore
Rod, Laura, Michael, Jaqueline, Cheyenne – 1997 Chrysler Jeep

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