Shannons Wheels
Sunday 13th March 2005


KFC Fyshwick

Steve's LJ 327


Dean's LX

Peter's A9X

Phil's SS

Trevor's L34

Laurie's SS

Jamie's LH

Phil's LX Hatch

Brett's A9X

Big Block!

Amanda's SL/R

Gerry's SL/R 5000

Very tidy!

John's SL/R

Graham's LJ

XU-1 308

Kevin's LJ

Pat's SL/R 5000

Sam's LX 308


Kevins LC

308 Powered

Quick Fit Display

Neat display!

Wheels anyone?



Jeremy's Ute

Martys daily driver

Easter hamper




Wheels 2005 By Pat

We met up at KFC Fyshwick at 8am to leave for Wheels 2005 at 8:30am . The weather, even at this time in the morning was nothing short of superb, and showing all the signs of being a hot one. The long line of cars departing along Canberra Avenue was nothing short of spectacular.

No sooner had we arrived at Wheels, when it all started happening. Firstly Graeme's Nissan started missin, followed by a very graphic and public display of the confusion that use of “ACT Torana Club” causes amongst the public and car enthusiast community alike. It wasn't till we arrived that the officials realised that they were in fact the Sydney Torana Club Southern Branch, and promptly relocated them to their allocated display area. After 5 or 10 minutes, our area was vacated, and we set up the cars for the day ahead.

Laurie and Pat took on the duties of manning the roadblock for the club, while others set up our seating area and cooking facilities. Breakfast at Wheels continues to improve, with bacon and egg rolls, complete with cheese, flowing around the troops in no time.

While not sure of actual numbers, it must have been one of the biggest Wheels displays that we've seen to date. If it had 4 wheels, and was produced anywhere in the world, apart form Italy (Auto-Italia was on the other side of the lake), it was there.

A particular entertaining treat was a display by the Model Car Racing Club, who raced their little remote control vehicles within a stone's throw of our display. The racing ending with a mystery appearance of a remote control monster truck with little regard for the track barriers, other competitors, or even the correct way around the track, cleaning up a few of the competitors in the process by either driving over them, or chasing them down. The day's program also featured a brief, but none the less, special guest appearance by our president, Lawrie “Schumacher” Reid, with his Formula 1 remote control racecar.

Lunch was fantastic, thanks again for Jan's tireless efforts in keeping us lot fed, along with her band of helpers. We had special lunch visitors in Roy and Susan, proving that Roy still possesses his uncanny sense of smell.

It was about this time that you started to wonder if the display was for the public, or members of the club to catch up with each other, after what has already been a hectic start to the year. Either way, there was heaps of both. Heaps of people catching up, and heaps of people looking at our cars.

We raffled the Easter hamper. Lawrie's dominance in the raffle stakes coming to the fore again with Imogen (a chip off the old block) taking out the hamper. Marty's little fella, Shane, took out the kid's prize.

All in all, a great day, with 18 club cars on display, no ring-ins, and 7 other vehicles.

Attended by:-

Mike, Amanda & Nathan – LH SL/R

Phil & Madison – LX Hatch

Vish – LX SS Hatch

Jamie & Vanessa – LH

John & Jan – LX SL/R

Trevor – LH SL/R 5000 L34 + Club Trailer

Lawrie – SS Hatch

Pat – LH SL/R 5000

Peter – LX A9X 4dr

Gerry – LX SL/R 5000

Brett – LX 427

Kevin & Luke – LJ 4dr

Steve, James & Casey – LJ 327

Dean, Janine & Dean Jnr – LX 4dr

Kevin & Sarah – LC

Sam – LX 4dr

Marty & Shane – LH 4dr

Graham & Jason – LJ GTR 308


Maree, Michelle & Eve – VK Calais

Andrew & Jason – VT Club Sport

Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – VN Commodore

Tane, Aden & Imogen – VT XU6

Peter – HK Panelvan

Jeremy – Quick Fit Proton Ute

Graeme – Nissan Skyline RS2000T DR30

Lee – Ute with DR30

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