Supercheap Display
Sunday 5th December 2004


Setting up!

Gerry's SL/R 5000


Phils 308 Hatch


Rose's SL/R 5000

Marty's Le Mans A9X

Phils SS Hatch

Kevin's LJ 4 Door

Laurie's SS Hatch

Trevor's LH

Mike's LC 2 Door

Brett's GTR-XU1

Bonnets up everyone!

Rod's SL/R 5000

Pat's SL/R 5000

John's SL/R 5000

Trevor's L34

Gordon's LH

Steve's 327 LJ

Alot of onlookers!


Waitin for lunch!!

Supercheap Queanbeyan 5th December 2004

Lawrie had organised a display at Supercheap Queanbeyan, and being so close to Christmas, many members were a little worried about the attendance of members during the lead up. It was great to see as many members as possible rally up to the call.

The display was scheduled for 08:30, but many of the cars rolled up during the rest of the morning, which wasn't a problem.

The day was mostly uneventful, but generated much interest from Queanbeyan locals. Someone commented that if all of the people who took membership information joined, we may have to start a Queanbeyan branch! ;-)

Thanks must go to Jan once again for cooking a wonderful BBQ, and keeping the club fed.

Supercheap Key rings were awarded by the store manager to Marty (A9X), Lawrie (SS) and Rose (SL/R 5000)

All up, 16 Torana's and half a dozen support cars during the day . what were we worried about?? Roll on the Christmas party next weekend!!!!

Lawrie - LX SS
Maree - LH
Steve & Kids - LJ V8
Mike, & Nathan - LC
Amanda - LX SS
Gerry - LX SL/R 5000
Brett - LJ GTR XU-1
Rod - LH SL/R 5000
Gordon - LX
Lawrie - LH SL/R 5000 L/34
Kevin - LJ
Rose & John - SL/R 5000
Pat - LH SL/R 5000
Phil - LX. Hatch
Marty & Lisa - LX A9X Le Mans
John - SL/R 5000
Sam & his Mum - ?
Jan - Ford Falcon
Tane & Aiden - HSV XU6

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