Supercheap Club Display
31st July 2011


CTC Supercheap Autos Display July 2011

Sunday was our local club display down at Supercheap Autos in
Tuggeranong. The troops slowly started gathering from around 8.30am
onwards. I think the cold Winters day kept some in bed until a little

Although the weather looked a little bit ordinary, we had a fantastic
attendance. In all I countered 15 cars. Included in that were a couple
of new comers to the club. One traveling all the way from Mittagong
with his beautiful LJ 28C Bathurst replica. The other in his Phat
little LJ GTR. Good to see more of the little cars joining the club.
From what I have heard there will also be a lovely Cyan Blue Bathurst
XU1 tagging along very soon....It just keeps getting better!

Once we were all set up King Loz cranked up the BBQ for a brunch session
of bacon and eggs. This lured the onlookers to the club trailer in hope
of getting a BBQ snack. Unfortunately we couldn't supply the delicious
treats to the public.....After the bacon and eggs had disappeared we
started to cook some steak and snags for the remaining hungry folk.
Again the food was tops and the members were again satisfied.

Several members did their bit to support supercheap and went shopping. I
saw all sorts of goodies coming out of the shop....Got to say that it is
one of my favourite shops too. Good to see so many Supercheap customers
coming over to have a sticky at all the cars. I must admit it was an
impressive display of toranas from the road!

Before we new it, it was getting on in the afternoon. Unfortunately I
wasn't feeling the best so decided to head home. I have to say a big
thank you to Supercheap Tuggers for letting us display out the front of
their store. Hopefully we can do it again.

A big thanks also to all the members that made the effort to come down.
There were several cars that unfortunately couldn't make it, so when
all the club cars are back up and running there will be a large
contingent of Toranas crusing the streets again. Good to see the
big block hatch back up and running again too. It is always a crowd pleaser.

Anyway, that's it from me,
Gerry - Run coordinator.

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