ACT Tsunami Charity Drive
13th February 2005

Thanks to Vavlebounce for this photo of Phils hatch

Thanks to Vavlebounce for this photo of Pats SL/R 5000



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Organised by a relatively new group, Valvebounce Motorsport and Performance Car Association, it was bit of a look and see for Phil and Pat to see what this new group is about.

We met at the National Museum of Australia at 10:00am for a 11:00am departure to the Cotter. There were approximately 152 cars of all makes and forms assembled. While waiting for the departure, we had the opportunity to catch up with Priscilla from the STCSB.

The drive to the Cotter for the BBQ was fairly swift, although a reminder to drive sensibly in large groups with a near miss. People were hitting the brakes a little too hard in a section of road where we had to merge into a single lane with masses of tyre smoke. Pat himself nearly got left in a lane with nowhere to go, despite having his indicator on, no body was going to create space. Luckily he found Phil who made space.

The Cotter itself was good as the Cotter always is, with the ensemble fully filling every parking space and then some at the BBQ area just before the Cotter Bridge .

We rustled up some snags, had a bite to eat and then headed off again.


Pat LH SL/R 5000

Phil, Jamie & Madison LX Hatch

Peter HK Panelvan

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