Tuggeranong Festival
Sunday 26th November 2006


Run Report For Tuggeranong Festival 26th November 2006

We all met at the car park adjacent to AudioTech Tuggeranong at about 10.30am. At 10.45 we made our way over to Tuggeranong Park, the venue for the days activities. We traveled via Ankatell Street at a reasonably slow pace so that all cars could stick together.

On our arrival at the park we were escorted to the display area which was amongst some largish tees that provided excellent shade.

The cars as usual looked excellent and attracted a lot of interest. Many questions were asked any many answers provided.

Members from the Riverina club and the ACT/QBN club also attended on the day and made the display look really good.

The day was marked in the beginning by our own Callum forgetting to put fuel in his car. No sooner had he got it off the trailer , it ran out of fuel. After the trip home to get the fuel can and then the fuel, he put his in line with everyone else’s.

The Sunday part of the festival is for families and there was lots for the kids to do. Side show alley, fairy floss, clowns etc it was all on.

Some the members decided to call it quits about 3pm however those who stayed or came back later to see Old 55 play were install for real treat.

We gathered in front but slightly to the side of the stage where we made camp to watch the stage show. Seats placed out in the strategic spots and cool drinks in front we sat back to watch the show and what a show it was. Absolutely fantastic. Real Torana music! Any rock and roll song you can think of they played. If you weren’t there you really did miss out on the high light of the day.

Torana club members were also invited into the VIP tent as a reward for our efforts. Free food and drinks including wine and crownies were laid on. (Shame you didn’t attend or had to leave!).

One of the highlights of the night was also the stage show that Mark from the Riverina Club put on for us.

During the day, Mark bought some beer for himself but forgot he didn’t have an Esky. So instead, he bought himself one of those plastic storage bins and filled it with ice and beer. Any way at about 9.30 after consuming a number of VB’s and the odd crownie, and while attempting to replicate the wild and untamed moves the late and great Elvis Presley, Mark overbalanced and went arse up into his own storage box smashing it to pieces. Unfortunately some of the plastic shards penetrated his rear end. He could feel no pain however as his behind and private parts were emersed in ice tempered water for about 5 minutes until someone who had finished laughing long enough could drag themselves up off the floor to assist him out of his dilemma. I got to tell ya folks, there were body parts going all over the place. A St John s ambulance van was right next door to us and instantly declared a state emergency. Fire brigade the lot! Good on ya Mark you did wagga proud mate!

You can read about it in the Canberra times. I’m sure there will have to be an article amongst the pages!

I’ve got to say it was one of the best and funniest runs/events I have ever been on. The day was fantastic but the real reward was hanging around for the stage show at 7.00pm. We had a ball.

We have been requested to return next year which hopefully we will do. This time however we should hang around or come back for the stage show which I have been informed will be “Mental as Anything”.

All in all a great event which we should support each year.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking The ACT/QBN Torana Club and the Riverina Torana Club for attending on the day. It is good to see we can get together on occasions such as this and represent the interest of the Torana as one group.

Last but not least I would like to thank Jill Faulkner for organising the Festival. I know that Jill works extremely hard to get the event up and running each year. She is an unpaid volunteer who gives her time and energy so that the Tuggeranong community can enjoy the benefits. Thanks to you and the team Jill for your work and your hospitality.

The Canberra Torana club would also like to thank the following people for there attendance and support.

From the ACT/QBN Club:
Peter - UC Sedan
Danny – GTR XU1
Steve – GTR XU1

From The Riverina Torana Club:
Denise & Mark, Tyrone, Lincoln, Sean – LH Sedan

From The Canberra Torana Club:
Phil - LX 308 Hatch
Gerry & Belinda, Jamie& Melanie - LX SLR 5000
Trevor & Marisa – L34
Craig - LX 308 Hatch
Brett & Kayla – A9X 427 Chev
Callum, Paul &Rowan - LX SLR 350 Chev

Thanks all for coming!

© Copyright 2006 Canberra Torana Club Inc.