Wheels 06

12th March 2006

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From the rendezvous point at KFC Fyshwick you could tell that it was going to be a huge day, with most of the 20 cars assembled. Gerry had his car back, and to avoid stone chips to the new paint, appointed the lead car.

It was a great morning for driving, and we made our way down Wentworth Avenue to Old Parliament House, as usual, taking the scenic lake forecourt route. Pandemonium broke out when we arrived at the display area, with the STCSB/ACT-Qbyn Torana Club already in place and displaying along side us this year. “Not more Toranas” could be heard around the paddock, the EH-EJ guys getting quite concerned where we were all going to fit. Little did they know, so were we!

We got all the cars parked, said good-aye to the other Club members and set up camp for the day, somehow missing our duty shift on the gate in the process?

We got busy, and got breakfast organised, in between searching for a hammer to erect the banner and giving a preliminary look-see at the cars assembled. Thankfully this year, although hot there was a nice cooling breeze for most of the day, taking the edge off the 32 degree heat. Thanks Gerry for helping with the BBQ breakfast and also thanks Sam for making a special trip for ice.

Dean and Janine did a fantastic job on manning the BBQ for lunch, before we settled down for the afternoon in the shade of the trees.

Paul discovered that our usual site had well appointed air-conditioned facilities in the near-by National Science and Technology Centre. We nearly had to send a search party to extract him.

Thanks to the members that dropped in for lunch and dropped in to say good-aye throughout the day. It was good to catch up, and a welcomed addition to an already impressive display. It was especially good to catch up with Lawrie, Tane, Aiden and Imogen. Thanks to Peter for organising the A9X boys, and Gerry for the additional cars, including Albury and Sydney, your efforts were appreciated. Thankyou to Jan & Pops for making sure there was food to eat, even though you were unable to make it, much appreciated.

Also a special thankyou to the Sydney Torana Club Southern Branch – ACT/Qbyn Torana Club, I think the combined display worked well to the benefit of both Clubs.

Finally, thankyou to everybody, whether specifically mentioned or not, for pitching in throughout the day allowing us all to kick back and enjoy the event, especially Maree for recording all those that attended. A great team effort.

A very successful and enjoyable Canberra Autumn Day. It was one of the best Wheels displays we’ve had, certainly more cars than we’ve ever had. STCSB-ACT/Qbyn Torana Club reporting a similar result.

Just a bit of house-keeping/information, at events where it is hot and sunny, there is always a supply of 15+ or better sunscreen available in the Club trailer, please use it.

We ended up with three un-claimed chairs that are in the Club trailer. If you left your fold up chair behind, contact the club via info@canberratoranaclub.com.

Ian and Jason - LJ XU1 (Friend of Gerry's from Sydney)
Glen and Leanne - LX SLR 5000 (From Wodonga)
Gerry - LX SLR 5000
Trevor and Marissa - L34
Peter and Bill - A9X 4 door
Geoff and Lyn - LX SLR 5000
Kevin - LJ 4 Door
Sam - LX 308 Sedan
Alan - LX Sedan
Michael - A9X 4 door
Greg - A9X/Seton Hatch
John - LJ 2 Door
Dean, Janine, Dean Jr, Angus, Tom and Uncle John - LX Sedan
Phil - LX 308 Hatch
Vish - LX 308 4 Door
Paul, Callum and Rowan - LX 350 Sedan
Tony and Tyler - LX 5Lt Sedan
Pat - LH SLR 5000
Mark and Luke - VN Commodore
Craig and Tom - VT Commodore
Andrew - Hyundai
Steve, Maree, James, Casey and Eve - VR Commodore
Robyn, Madeline, Emily and Ainslie - VN Commodore
Michael and Joe - Jaguar
Jason, Tanya and Madison – Ford XM
Dave and Michelle - Echo
Gaz - Commodore
Lawrie, Tane, Aiden & Imogen


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