Shannons WHEELS Expo
Sunday 25 March 2012


Shannons WHEELS Expo

Sunday's sunrise promised and also delivered a perfect early autumn day but it was with some trepidation that the majority of us met at Old Parliament House. Further to an announcement at our last meeting the venue for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of WHEELS - part of the Canberra Festival - had been transferred late in the piece from the traditional venue of the lawns of Old Parliament House to Thoroughbred Park - or as many would know it the Canberra Racetrack. Some of us might also recall Natex and Rugby League Park in Braddon as previous venues? Although the reasoning for the move seemed legitimate - wet and boggy conditions after recent record breaking rains - the untried new venue made many of us question if anyone would turn up. How wrong we were!!! Over a thousand cars and throngs of spectators could not be wrong. 

We ended up exhibiting 14 beautifully presented vehicles - one more than last year. Given our growing number of members - and the promise of projects to be completed in coming months - I anticipate that we could crack the 20 mark next year!!!

Moving right along - just after 8 am nine of our cars embarked on the cruise over Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and along Northbourne Avenue to the Racecourse. On arrival we were met by Lawrie and Bevo who had set up in a sunny spot with club trailer and signage prominent. Five additional cars turned up at varying hours of the morning in what could be best described as "gentleman hours".

As usual there were many great and diverse cars to be inspected and ogled and during the course of the day we were treated to a magnificent cooked breakfast and lunch - and sales of our raffle tickets were commenced.    

All in all the day was heralded as a great success and I feel that this could mainly be attributed to the venue. In stark contrast to the sprawling lawns of Old Parliament House the Thoroughbred Park layout was a breath of fresh air in that breaking up car displays into several distinct sectors made spectating both more pleasurable and selective.

In addition to the public adulation that our club display received we also gained additional exposure through a local ABC News feature and photos in the Canberra Times of Saturday 31 March (page 11).

Special mentions must go to Alec for attending on his seventh birthday, new member Katrina on attending her first run and also to one of Canberra's finest firemen attending in his full firefighting regalia. 

In other run news last year's Crookwell run has lead to several club cars being featured in The Aussie Muscle Enthusiast No 12 and also on the Canberra GT Club website. Check it out!!!!

Have fun and please be careful out there 

Stephen G 
Thanks and hope you are well Phil    

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