Xmas Party
Sunday 11th December 2005

Alan's LX 308

Phil's 308 Hatch

Sam's LX 308

Shaun's LX 308

Pat's SL/R 5000

Brett's A9X 427

Trevor's L34

Graeme's GTR

Amanda's SL/R

Carpark Shot!

1st place - Trevor

Maree - Best Attended

2nd Place - Pat


A leisurely picnic in the park, with heaps of meat again sponsored Peter of Master Cut Meats in Hume. It was a warm day and our back up plan in case of bad weather was not required.

With 47 mouths to feed, the BBQ got a solid work over.

We had the lucky door prize won by Stuart, which included a jigsaw puzzle of the new Torana TT36 concept car.

The club point score trophies where handed out:
1st Place Trevor Corcoran
2nd Place Pat Gagel
3rd Place Phil Black

A special award was made to the member that attended most of the runs and meetings, which was awarded to our Editor, Maree Keeling.

We ran a piñata for the kids. It took a fair while to split it open, including a rehanging due to the eye breaking off.

We ran a raffle for a number of items both purchased by the Club and donated by our sponsors. D tickets didn’t seem to feature all that much, and for some reason Graham Burton’s tickets kept on coming up!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Drive safe, and come back in the New Year for a whole heap more fun.

Mike Amanda & Nathan – LH SL/R
Pat Robyn Madeline Emily & Ainslie – LH SL/R 5000
Alan – LX
Brett and his Daughter– LX 427 Chev
Trevor – LH L34
Phil – LX Hatch
Sam & Gale – LX
Graham – LJ GTR
Shaun - LX
Gerry, Belinda, Melanie & Jamie - Camry
Mark & Pat – Mercedes
Marie Steve James Michelle Casey & Eve – VP Commodore
Michael & Joe - Jaguar
Al Jan & LJ – Falcon
Jason Tanya Madison, Emily and Katie
Garry – Commodore
Craig Anne & Carly
Stuart & Audrey
Peter & Linda

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