Christmas Party
Sunday 14th December 2014

CTC Christmas Party 2014

Hi all for the last time in 2014.

Well the last bash for the year was probably our best if you ask me! 

With the annual Chrissy party always being a popular event with members and a great way to wind down the year, the day once again was a great success!  What a great turn out of members, and what a perfect day weather wise too. We all gathered at Black Mountain Peninsula for our annual BBQ feast.

I think all up we had about 12 Toranas turn up equating to about 50 members with their families. As usual the activities and prizes were plentiful which made for an entertaining day.

I fired up the BBQ at 12.00pm and got the meat cooking so we could feed the tribe.  There were snags, steaks, and chicken kebabs and of course stacks of onions. In addition, there were tables full of salads and nibbles.  So no one was going home hungry today!  I have to say that while cooking the BBQ I was sweltering, but because I love you guys so much, I just soldiered on with minimal whinging J .  And sorry if some of the kebabs were a little under cooked! I have to keep telling myself not all food needs to be rare like my steaks!

With everyone feed, it was time to get down to the formalities. This year there was an abundance of trophies to hand out!  I will try and rattle off the ones I remember so sorry if I missed someone!

Ist point scores:  Phil B

2 nd Point scores: Craig B

3 rd point scores: Paul T - Gerry W

Club member of the year:  Tane R

Appreciation awards: Pete S, Gerry W

Encouragement award:  Tom and Kelly M

"Buster" award: Nigel W

"Dummy Spit" (aka the Wadey award): Bevo

Sponsors appreciation award: Shauny - Gasweld.

Well done to all those who received an award. Thanks for all you involvement, participation and dedication!  Also, thanks to all those throughout the year who help the club in whatever way, that didn't get an appreciation award of some sort.  Your efforts don't go unnoticed.

So with the formalities out of the way, it was time for the monster raffle. With a ute load or prizes to give out, King Loz got the ball rolling. He also had a lot of help form Santa's little helpers whom all gathered around the back of the ute hoping to secure their own prize. No surprises with two regulars buying up half the tickets taking home most of the prizes, not mentioning any names but one was the boss himself and the other was one of our bookends J .  I also think one of our sponsors did pretty well too....or should I say his kids J

So all in all it was a fantastic day had by all.  Great to see the Spencer family back in the fold too, thanks Pete, Linda and Simon for attending after having such a difficult time of late. Hope we all made you feel a bit "warm and fuzzy" again. And I got a little message from "Billy" Pete, he told me you need to clean the A9X and time to give it a bit of loving J ...I am sure Simon will help out mate!

So to wind things up for the year, what a fantastic club we have!!!!  A big thanks for those who came early to help set up and to everyone for helping pack up at the end of the day.  It really does make a difference when everyone pitches in to help out!  Thanks to all those that provided salads and nibbles too. Got to love those Cobb loaf dips!!!

On another note, if anyone has any suggestions for some good runs for next year, send me of any of the committee members an email.  We will try and get the 2015 run calendar sorted early next month.

Anyway enough dribble from me.  Again from the club, Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year! 


Assistant Run Co-ordinator...

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