Nelligen Park - Family Weekend

Run Report

We all met at Supercheap Auto's in Queanbeyan for the beginning of our run down to Nelligen.  The weather forecast wasn't too promising but we were all eager to go down for a family run regardless.  We all headed off at about 9.40am for what was to be a very easy drive with no real fuss.

We arrived safely down at the coast and once at the venue decided on how we were going to set up to maximise our allotted space.  Within an hour we had set up our own little tent city with 4 marquees being tied together in the centre of the tents to give us our sitting area with.  The millionaires had their caravans set up at the back to maximise their million dollar views.  Our camp really looked a treat and served its purpose as well as being very practical.

Much to our delight, the weather on Saturday was absolutely beautiful.  Not a sign of rain in the area.  This proved a bonus as all the families got busy doing all the things you do down the coast.  The kids must have had energizer batteries in them because they just kept going and going and going....they were all spent by the end of the first night though. 
Saturday evening was very casual, plenty of beer, wine, BBQ food and laughs were had by all.  You couldn't have asked for more. A big thanks to Lol for his misspent youth enabling him to break into our Camry after we had managed to lock the keys in it!!

Sunday morning looked a little more bleak.  It was a fairly over cast start to the day, it pretty much summed up the way some of us woke after probably investing in one beer too many the night before...Anyway, that aside, things got better throughout the day and we ended up with a nice day and so far no rain.  Some of us went into the Bay for lunch as it is a must to have the "fish n chips" from the Boat House when you visit the Bay. YUMMY...We also had a visit from Paul, Laureen, Steve and Helen.  They decided they would drive the boat up the Nelligen River and visit us at the Boat House.

Once back at camp we did a spot of fishing. Trev tried the old Bega cheese trick but in the end no fish were caught. Still, it was relaxing and became more interesting because King Lol was given a lesson from a Waterways officer on how to properly operate a boat in the river.

After Mark, Luke, Bel, Mel, Jamie and I had finished our bike ride around the camp site, Paul decided to rally the troops and we decided to give the boys and girls a challenge on the 'tube' behind his beast.  Well wasn't that interesting.....King Lawrie was first cab off the rank.  He held on as long as he could but Skipper Harrison had a mind set....and that proved too much for King Lol who just couldn't hang on.  Good try King Lol but not good enough mate :-). 

Young Marissa was the next cab off the rank, she did well for a first timer and showed that us 40 plus group could match it with the younger generation...Paul T was next to have a go.  I didn't get to see him have a run but from what I heard he didn't come off at all.  I put it down to him being a light weight LOL.  While he was having his go Mel and I rushed back to the camp site and prepared ourselves for the onslaught ahead.  I got on and gave the skipper strict instructions, give me your best!  Well, I was doing very well for quite a while.  I hung on for what seemed like ages but after a good run I went upside down and Paul stopped the boat. 

However I never let go, so in my mind round one went to me.  Round two was even more interesting.  Paul was now on a mission to destroy me...Again I stayed upright for ages until he built up some serious speed and he then flung me into a huge whip!  That managed to dislodge me from the tube but still I hung on.  This proved very challenging as I was now being dragged behind the tube and I learned what body skiing was all about. 

Apart from the relentless water slapping on all parts of my body, I was quite worried about losing my attire!  In the end the Skipper had a win and I had to let go as fatigue had set in.  What a ball though although I knew that I would pay for it the following day.  Mel was next, she got on and Paul drove a little more cautiously but still gave her a real good idea of what the tube was all about.  She came back exhausted and relieved to be back safe and sound.  She never came off and was very happy with that.   It was Jason's turn next, he too was given a fair work out and found himself tumbling across the water a few times.  He felt the pain like the majority of us but we all had a ball and really worked hard, especially seeing the rain had started at that point which made things more challenging.  A big thanks
to Paul and his generosity for letting us have a turn.  It is greatly appreciated by all.

After all the activity it was time to head back for some dinner and a quiet drink.  The rain had now set in but was only fairly light.  It wasn't enough to dampen our spirits at all.  The under-cover sitting area was put to the test but held up well.  No leaking in any of the tents was also a bonus.  We all hit the sack early that evening as we were all spent.

Monday morning was an early start.  We were up around 7.00am to have breaky and to start packing things up. I felt like I had tried to bench press a house after the grooling tube ride yesterday.  Anyway we all managed to get packed up before the rain set in.  Our timing was good and we were now ready for the tiring drive home.

In all, the whole weekend was an absolute blast.  The weather was kind to us given the forecast prior to leaving and there was plenty to do with all the pools, kid wash, jumping pillows, bike rides and plenty of room to run around.  The only casualty was poor Tom who suffered from a bit of sunstroke.  Hope you get better soon Tom!

A big Thanks to Paul for organising the camping spot and also for bringing down your boats for us to fish, play and relax in, it is a real bonus to be able to go for a spin and kick back and relax. In all there were 23 adults and kids.  One thing for sure is we'll be doing it again next year as it was a great weekend.

Thanks to all for coming and making it so much fun.

Cheers, Gerry.

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