AC Delco East Coast Nationals
1st September 2007


AC Delco East Coast Nationals
We left Canberra at around 7am and on Sutton Road Phil hit a low flying duck at 100kmh. Then we caught up with Paul out on the highway just past the Sutton Road turnoff. Next we stopped for breakfast at Sutton Forrest, then headed off to the Vines where we got the Olympic Villa because the other group cancelled at the last minute. After getting settled in we went to Woolies for supplies e.g. alcohol and munchies for later. Arriving at the drags at about 1pm we headed up to the pits for a look around, we met up with Chad and his crew and he offered us lunch and a drink. Thanks again Chad!! Brett Stephens’s burnout was awesome as usual and we’ve got some video that’s going straight to YouTube and if you check out the photos you’ll see the guys all munching into some corn, a very funny site!! Top fuel Engines blowing up on nearly every pass was a common occurrence, one of the top fuelers blew 3 engines in 3 runs and still won the finals with Brett’s mates looking on in disbelief. WSID was pretty full, there would have been around 30,000 people in attendance which looked great! Morris Iemma was there and was thanked for his help in getting WSID up and running. John Zappia’s Zap Rat did an awesome five second pass which sent the crowd wild. There was a Camaro that held the wheels off the ground to the 40ft mark and a silver Holden Ute that also did some awesome wheel stands. What can you say about top fueler’s at night apart from being the most amazing thing you’ll ever see in your life!! All in all an absolutely fantastic day was had by all. Looking forward to USA Vs Aus in December!!
After the drags we all headed back to the cabin for a few drinks and munchies. The Muscle Car Masters was on the next day so it was a relatively early night.
Those who attended
Phil, Vish and Rick
Lawrie, Joe, Steve
Brett, Steve and his mates
Paul, Rowan, and Callum

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