All Holden Day

2nd August 2009


All Holden Day - Sydney.

Just a brief run report on the trip Lawrie, Craig and I did to Sydney on
the weekend.

We left Canberra at 7.30am Sunday morning and stopped off at Marulan for
breakfast. Tried a Hungry Jacks breakfast wrap (Yum). We only stopped
briefly as we were on a mission to get to the venue asap. We arrived in
Sydney around 10.00am but it took us another hour to get into the venue
(typical Sydney traffic)! Anyway once we were settled we walked around
the 800 or so Holdens on Display. What a treat. Many top cars. We also
bumped into several well know Torry enthusiasts (includinmg another club
member) too, and spent a fair bit of time chatting with them.

After looking around for several hours at the cars we did a quick peruse
through the swap meet. Lawrie picked up a Brock collection of wine he
had been looking for a while. Apart from that we headed home empty
handed. We decided to leave the venue around 3.00pm to sneak in a couple
of beers at the local pub before heading home. They were simply lovely!
We got home at around 7.00pm. The trip up was really worth while.

Lawrie, Craig, Gerry and Peter S.

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