Barry at Oran Park
Barry's Birthday

28th March 2004


Laurie and Imogen

John in the LH

Pat & Robyns SL/R 5000

Rods SL/R 5000

Mikes LC

Trevors L34

Jeremys SL/R 5000


Lauries A9X

Lauries A9X

Lauries A9X


Alan & Jans LH

Vishs LH

Sams LX



Club Trailer


Enjoying lunch

Amanda & Mike

Rods SL/R 5000


with the club triler

Lauries A9X


Barry’s 40th Birthday

We met at Old Parliament House at 12:00, to head for Weston Park. The biggest surprise of the run, was the absence of the Birthday Boy, Barry. He was stuck in Sydney, getting is Torana ready to ship back to New York, converting it from an auto to manual.

Despite this, it was a great day for a BBQ. We didn’t even have a cardboard cut out of Barry to put with the group! While there were six cars at the departure point, we were later joined by another 3 or 4 at Weston Park.

Nothing much to report really, it was all pretty relaxing. Our BBQ skills and menu is definitely on the improve, with bacon, sausages, and burger patties. Next investment is said to be Chilly Sauce!!! Bringing the trailer and BBQ was a definite bonus. OPSM had the whole area signed off including the BBQ’s, which didn’t work.

A toast was held after lunch for Barry, and turning 40, albeit in absentia.

We all headed off fully fed about 4 o’clock.

Happy 40th Barry, and happy working on that rana. Oh, and happy birthday Phil. Phil was unable to attend due to attending his own birthday party. Resident photographer for the day was Laurie, who seemed to be the only one with a camera.

Cars Attending
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – LH
Amanda, Mike & Wooley - LC
Rod, Michael, Jacqeline, & Cheyanne – LH
Jeremy, Rose & Friend – LX
Trevor & Joe – LH
Vish - LX
Lj & Pops – LH
Laurie B & Sam the Lucky Man - LX
Laurie & Aiden – LX A9X
Tane & Imogen - Commodore
Ben & Heidi – Japenese Beast

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