Binalong Motor Museum

Sunday 6th July 2003

Binalong Motor Museum!


Looks Good Trevor!

Two A9X's!

Vish's 308 LH


Trevor's LH SL/R 5000

John's LX 308

Mike's LC 2 Door

John's LJ 2 Door

Gerrys LX SL/R 5000

Phil's LH 253

Pat & Robyn's SL/R5000

Richard's A9X

Laurie's A9X

10 Cars!!


Binalong Motor Museum

It was a foggy start to the run, with the group meeting at the War Memorial, with 10 Toranas, one Magna, and one prospective member and his son in another magna, Kevin and Luke. They are currently restoring an LJ Torana. The other surprise appearance was a new white A9X, owned by Ritchie and Annyse. Annyse didn’t attend, and was substituted by Matt. Gerry in an amazing display of outlaw relations, bought his father-in-law Derek for the day. Heaps of kids also attended, and ran a muck during the course of the day!

We departed at around 10:30am, just making it around the corner, when LJ decided to try doing a burnout inside the car, trying to smoke Jan out, and creating panic amongst the occupants!!! Learner Drivers??? Anyways, TC diagnosed a short in the heater fan. It wasn’t long before the fan was disconnected, and they were on the way. Meanwhile the rest of the gang met at Kamberra Winery before travelling off. Somewhere in between the fog had cleared to a beautiful day.

Off again, and Mikey got a crash course in the navigation of Canberra’s round-a-bouts, by being forced to turn left, when he wanted to go straight through.

It wasn’t far past Murrumbateman, when John W & Jody pulled off with car trouble. TC again offered to follow him back to the other side of the township to call the NRMA. Wasn’t long before the problem was found, which Alan described later as a bad case of ‘loose nuts’.

We eventually made it to the Car Museum in Binalong. We thought we had raised the interest of the local car fanatics, with the sound of a very throaty V8, only to see a police car at full tilt! Didn’t sound bad either.

Lunch was a casual BBQ, using the BBQ at the museum, with people wandering in and out looking at the cars, and other paraphernalia! The only problem with lunch was that we ran a bit short on food due to more people attending than expected. Thanks to John W, a quick deal was negotiated to obtain his snags, after a trip down the main was unsuccessful!

The museum had an interesting array of cars, among them a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, two Bollwell’s, a London taxi, a Ferrari, a Bugati under restoration, motorbikes (including Ducati’s and a JPS), miniature trains, petrol pumps, and other early model cars. The workshop was open which showed the amount of skill and dedication towards the cars. A V12 Rolls Royce engine was also found hiding in the corner.

We departed Binalong around 3:30pm to McDonalds at Yass for ice-cream, or in Lawrie’s case, a full McDinner! The rest of the trip home was uneventful, except for a crazed female Magna driver intent on finding out fast and how close you can get to a Torana’s tail prior to applying the brakes firmly.

We dispersed from the Canberra Tourist Information Centre. PHEW!!!

Fun was had by all. Good way to spend a Sunday, sure beats mowing lawns or house work!

Cars Attending:-
Trevor – LH L34
Lawrie, Tane, Aden – A9X Hatch
Gerry & Derek – LX 4-dr
Ritchie & Matt – A9X Hatch
John & Jody – LX 4-dr
Phil, Joe & Maddison – LH 4-dr
Amanda & Mike – LC Coupe
Lj, Geoff, Jan – LJ Coupe
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – LH 4-dr
Vish – LH 4-dr
Bryan & Pops - Magna


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