Crack that whip!

Boorowa Woolfest

5th October 2003

Street Parade & Display


Almost on the main

Boorowa's Main Street

On Display!!

Pretty in pink!

MG Club Display 1


MG Club Display 2


Other cars on display


Lawrie's A9X

Trevor's L34 SL/R5000


Pat & Robyn SL/R5000


Amanda's LH SL/R

John's LJ 2 Door


Rod's LH


Vish's Hatch

Boorowa's Main Street



Pat & Robyn's SL/R5000

Hard Luck Award goes to John Wags

Oh No, Problems!!

Tailshaft Maybe?

Snapped Tailshaft Yoke

Closer Inspection

Thanks NRMA!!

Left behind in Boorowa

Boorowa Irish Woolfest – 5 October 2003
Social Run

Sunny skies greeted us for our departure from Braddon at 9:00am. Kevin and his son joined us at the rendezvous point prior to heading off. Pat, Robyn and the kids showed up shortly prior to the departure time, with Ole Yella sporting it’s new heads, cam and engine bay respray (More on that elsewhere later!), finished at 2:00am earlier that morning.

We headed off, with our first stop in the main street of Yass for a leg stretch.

Cloudy overcast skies greeted us as we entered the outskirts of Boorowa, with no car troubles with any of the cars, other than Vish’s window coming off it’s tracks. Our first stop prior to the parade at Trev’s Auntie’s place, where we partook in hot coffee and tea prior to heading to the marshalling area in town.

We met at the marshalling area, and lined the cars up behind a bullock dray, although we were to go behind the MG Club. Five minutes before we moved off Laurie, who did a solo trip after sleeping in after his trip to Wagga the day before, joined us.

It wasn’t long before we were motoring up the main street of Boorowa, with huge crowd’s, the V8’s having trouble with the slow speeds having to stop and accelerate a bit at a time, with the heavy smell of burning clutches, and calls to ‘bag them up! (ha!). Madeline, Emily and Ainslie took the opportunity to pop out of the sunroof and wave to the crowds.

Hard luck story of the day went to John, who snapped a drive shaft pulling onto the main, in the parade. How embarrassment! But then again, shit happens.

The parade had finished as quick as it had started, after stretching our legs and letting the clutches collect themselves, we doubled back to the main street to place the cars on display.

The display went well, with a huge amount of interest shown in the cars, and stories of interested onlookers recalling the days when they owned a Torana. We took in the displays and the wide variety of entertainment available in the main street of Boorowa.

The trip home was as equally as uneventful as the trip there, other than the constabulary pulling up Trevor (Damn no pics!) on the pretence of a random breath test for the usual peek at the car, and reminiscing about their bygone Toranas. They sat and waited to listen to Trev take off, just to hear the motor!

Thanks Boorowa for the great day out. Eight cars for a social run, that’s great.

Cars Attending:
Alan, Jan, Lj & Joe – LJ 2-door
Vish & Phil – LX Hatch
Rod – LX 4-door
John – LX 4-door
Mike, Amanda, Nathan, Len & Sharon – LH 4-door
Trevor, Denise, Joshua, Tyrone and Lincoln – LH SL/R 5000 L34
Laurie – LX A9X Hatch
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – LH SL/R 5000

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