Boorowa Irish WoolFest
2nd October 2005


As a sure sign of the warmer cruising weather being upon us, just about everybody met at the rendezvous point in Dickson at 9:00am. We caught up for half an hour before heading off at 9:30pm for Boorowa.

Being a double demerit weekend, we cruised leisurely to Boorowa to meet up with Trevor at Jill's place for coffee before assembling for the parade. We were placed in front of the V8 Challenge Transporter, and one of the V8 Challenge Commodores. The Porsche Club was in front of us, including a Porsche Cayenne. Despite being a 4WD, the guys were telling us that with the V8 twin turbo it out performs most of the sports cars.

Noon came around and we moved up for the parade. Josh's car developed fuelling problems and refused to start while hot, so sat out for the parade. Just about every single person from Boorowa must have been there. As per usual there were the calls of, Bag them up! Pat & Robyn nearly ran over one of the clowns, after demonstrating that the horn he had was no competition for the air horns under the bonnet. At the end of the short run, there was a smell of clutches and hydraulic fluid, but you get that.

We regathered and retrieved Josh's car, and set up for the day around the corner from the Main Street, under the shade of the shop awnings. Despite being around the corner the cars still attracted a great deal of attention, including one group that thought it would be cool if their girlfriends posed in front of the cars (Where was Phil?), and a lass glad to finally be able to get her mini-skirt out, albeit maybe a little too on the mini side. It was debatable as to what received more attention, the cars, or Mike & Amanda's 9 week old blue healer pup, which kept Ainslie fully occupied for the entire day.

There was heaps of entertainment including bands and dancing, and lots of stalls, Laura had a field day. The kids were particularly impressed with the Animal Petting Zoo behind the pub that had a piglet, calf, ducks, cats, kittens, a young dog, chickens, rabbits, sheep, and some lambs.

We stayed on till about 4:00pm, before heading back to Jill's to get Maree's car and the usual pit stops before heading for home. The trip home again was fairly leisurely. Turning onto the Hume, we noticed a large plume of smoke trailing Phil's car. Trevor stopped and leant assistance. There was transmission oil everywhere. We pulled over at Murrumbateman and waited for them to catch up, where Phil topped up with a further litre of transmission fluid to save the gearbox.

Our last stop was the Canberra Tourist Information Centre before dispersing in our separate directions. After a day of being well behaved, the south-side dwellers indulged in a bit of fun on the trip back home.

A great relaxed family day out with temps in the mid 20's.

Cars Attending:
Trevor & Denise/Maree - LH SL/R 5000 L34
Pat, Robyn, Madeline & Emily - LH SL/R 5000
Trev's Dad, Josh, Lincoln & Tyrone - LH
Mike, Amanda, Nathan, Ainslie & the Blue Heeler Pup - LH
Phil & Steve/Jamie - LX Hatch
Rod, Laura, Michael, Jacqueline, & Cheyenne - LH
Maree, Casey & Eve/Jamie - VK Commodore

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