Boorowa Irish Woolfest

Sunday 1st October 2006



Run report for Boorowa Irish wool Festival 1 October 2006.

We met at Shell Dickson at about 9.20am and after a couple of us topping up with fuel we headed off down the Barton Highway toward Boorowa. We kept at a leisurely 105 kph given the double demerit points on offer. I don't know how the others faired but given we were holding back somewhat on the old go stick, my fuel consumption was very good.

Just short of the Hume John had a little problem with his steering. (cotter pin kept coming loose) We temporarily repaired it on the side of the road which was enough to get us going again and into Boorowa.

My wife Laureen and I pulled in to Yass Mackers for a pit stop and we all met up again just around the corner from the Boorowa turn off. Once again back underway, Trevor took the lead for the remaining 44 K's into town.

After a brief stop off at Trevor's aunt's place we cruised over to the mustering area for the parade. Boy there was a diverse range of equipment lined up to take its place in the great show. There were large Steam Traction Engines, A few MG cars, The VB challenge race cars, an old Ford Blitz, a tribute to Steve Erwin including an inflatable crocodile, Wow that was scary! and about 100 sheep. I noticed the New Zealand Car Club from wyacoatanger were also in attendance. I can't under stand how they drive their cars with those Velcro driving gloves though? and I don't know exactly where they disappeared to after the sheep run but they all came back with smiles on there faces.

After lining up in our designated spot for about 15 minutes we eventually got under way at the lighting speed of half walking pace with a ten minute stop every 100 yards. Given the heat of the day the Torries protested by displaying alarming numbers on the temperature gauges. The passengers were not fairing well either. John & Phil in John's car, resorted to imitating a low flying pelican by waving the doors of his Torana in and out to create some breeze.

Once the parade got started in earnest however the pace sort of picked up and things resumed normality. The Torries were greatly appreciated by all especially the sound of the gurgling V8's running down the main street! "Bag um up!" "Burnout, Burnout,Bournout" were the jeers from the crowd. But our lads were in control. Hardly a squeak from any of them.

At the conclusion of the Parade we parked the chariots in the main street and headed off to the various makeshift eateries that adorned the footpath's. BBQ's, Baked Spuds, Hot Dogs, Spring Rolls and Dim Sims it was all there. Such a lot of food and only a little tum tum. What was I to do? :-).

We all met back at the cars at about 2.00pm where a couple of tall friends of Pat's came over to talk to us and seemed very interested in his car. Check it out folks ! you will see what I mean when you see the run photo's. After consuming a few ice creams, beers and cappuccinos we headed for Trevor's aunties place where we fixed John's steering problem permanently. Or so we thought! After saying our goodbyes we headed for home at about 4pm. At about half way between Boorowa and Yass and at over 100 kph the steering problem returned with vengeance. This time however we fixed the problem by putting 2 nuts on the cotter and that seemed to do the trick.

After that little bit of excitement, We got back on the road and besides a bit of a "splash 'n' dash" back at Yass we cruised home with the minimum of fuss.

Some of the comments made by members who came on the run were:

"They breed them Tall in Boorowa"

"I was a little skeptical at first as to what the run would offer, however after going it was a really pleasant way to spend a Sunday and at not very much cost. There was something in it for the whole family and especially the kids. I would recommend the club returning next year and anyone who was not sure the family value in such an outing I would certainly recommend you go."

"Followed John to Boorowa with no tail lights."

"The most fun you can have for $50 with your pants on!"

"Fields of Golden Canola. Beautiful!"

"Great weather and Top run! It was awesome driving down the main street of Boorowa with Thousands of people cheering us on."

Well, as you can see I think the run was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Trevor for arranging the event.

The club would like to thank the following members for their attendance and support.

John & Phil - 2 door LJ Torana

Trevor & Marissa - L34 Torana.

Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily and Ainslie SLR 5000 Torana

Paul, Laureen & Rowan - Support Vehicle.

Trevor's aunty for her hospitality!

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