Bowling - Tuggeranong
23rd May 2010


Ten Pin Bowling Run.

Today was the annual Canberra Torana Club Ten Pin Bowling run. Start time was 11.00am.  We had a good gathering of about 20 parents and kids.

We were allocated 4 lanes so we all got ourselves organised, put on our disco shoes and prepared for the CTC bowling championships. We set the kids up in two lanes and the Mum's and Dad's in the other two. Some chose to spectate and cheer on the competitors.

Lane one consisted of of Craig W, Tom, Craig B, Helen and King Lawrie. Lane two was Paul, Laureen, Gerry, Brett and Brad.  The kids lanes consisted of Meg, Mel, Jamie, Taylor, Aiden, Sam, Mikayla, Saige and Imogen.

The bowling was fun, the kids were having a blast and even getting scores to put some of the parents to shame. Round one was seen to be the warm up round but as it turned out was the better of the two rounds for many. The scores as as follows:

Best scores overall :

Lane 1
Lane 2
Lane 3 and 4
King Lawrie - 134
Brett - 161
Aiden - 124
Helen - 94
Gerry - 152
Sam - 107
Tom - 93
Paul - 145
Saige - 103
Craig B - 92
Laureen - 96
Mel - 101
Craig W - 81
Brad - 88
Imogen - 91
Tayor - 90
Meg - 84
Kayla - 81
Jamie - 76

After the championships had ended, some of us came out fairly sore and some a little embarrassed. We had a quick bite to eat and all headed home for a well earned rest. In all it was a great day, good fun was had by all. Looking forward to the next round.

Cheers, Gerry.

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