Braidwood Overnight Run

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th January 2004

Laurie on Davids bike

Setting up the Campsite

Camp Torana!!

All setup for the evening!!


Our very noisy neighbors

The Club trailer at work

David kept his bike safe

Wake up Vish!

The Club trailer on its first run

The campsite

Shawn & Vanessa's LX

Kevin's LJ 4 Door


Jamie's LH

Amanda's LH

Laurie's A9X

Vish's Hatch


Vish cooking a very nice breakfast

David showing us his riding skills!

Shawns little accident ;-)

The kids had a ball!!

Braidwood Run Report.

Braidwood – Camp Torana
24th/25th January 2004

News that food was not going to be readily available in Braidwood marked the start to the first run for 2004. The result was a quick collection from the 15 or so gathered for the run and a sprint to Woolies in Queanbeyan, before departing from Supercheap at around 2:30pm. There was some concern in sending four fellas to do the shopping, but as time would tell, they did a pretty good job.

The excitement started early into the run, with Pat’s Commodore, towing the club trailer with the supplies loosing all power only 10km out of Queanbeyan. Laurie and Maree returned from Bungendore, to pick up the trailer, while Pat, Robyn & the girls waited for NRMA, prior to limping home at 15km/h up hills, and 100km/h down them. As Madeline said, going back through Queanbeyan at 15km/h, “How embarrassing Dad!”

The gang were met at Braidwood by a quick thunderstorm, so setting up camp was postponed for 15 minutes while the storm passed. Once it had passed, the camp was quickly established.

A short time later, Pat, Robyn and the girls arrived in the Hoob Mobile (otherwise known as a Ford Laser).

A few people did the 5 minute drive into Braidwood to get some supplies for the night, before returning for dinner. Laurie fired up the generator to shed some light on the cooking, however, the poor old beast wasn’t up to playing ball. Out with the gas light, Pat was reserving for eeling.

Entertainment was also supplied by the local (Canberra) lads, who use the old strip of bitumen as their burn out pad, that seemed to continue well into the night.

In what seemed like no time, the Club BBQ was set up, and the food was flying, with Vish and Vanessa taking the cooking in shifts. What a feast it was, with fresh salads, pasta salads, steaks, and sausages. Everyone had ample food, and settled in for a night around the camp fire, while others tried their luck at fishing. There were no fish to be caught that night, nor an eel in sight. So it wasn’t long till all were back around the fire.

The night dragged on, while the generator provided entertainment for a few of the lads. It wasn’t too long till they gave up on it. The chit-chat around the fire provided entertainment for a few of the members till something like 4am in the morning.

Morning broke, and we all got to witness first hand that Amanda and Nathan are definitely not morning people, as well as a few of the other normally bright people in the club. A scramble was made for water and that first morning cuppa.

OK, a few of us were awake, so we fired the BBQ. In no time, there was bacon & eggs, sausages, tomatoes & cheese, and French toast galore. Again, another great feed.

With breakfast said and done, we gathered up our gear, and packed for the trip home.

Shaun suffered a flat tire on the way out, so while he headed to Braidwood for some quick repairs, Maree, her kids, Pat, Robyn & the girls headed for home with the club trailer, while the others assisted Shaun & Vanessa. Meanwhile, Vish & Lj headed for the coast for the day.

A quick stop for fuel in Bungendore, before heading back home.

A good relaxing first trip for the year, but no fish or eels.

Pat & Rob’s VN Commodore, after some analysis, wasn’t the fuel filter as suspected by the NRMA, but a blocked catalytic converter. It took about 5 minutes to repair, and is back on the road.

Cars attending:-
Vish & Lj – LX Hatch
Shaun & Vanessa – LX
Kevin – LJ
Laurie & Aiden – A9X Hatch
Phil, Tania & Jamie – LX
Mike, Amanda & Nathan - LH
Maree & 2 kids – HZ
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – Commodore/Laser
David – Motorbike

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