Australian Historic Motor Federation AGM Display &
Peter Brock Tribute Cruise

9th September 2006

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We met at Old Parliament House at 8:00am, for an 8:30am departure to Rydges Lakeside. There was a good turn out for the display from many car and motorcycle clubs across the ACT. Chief Minister Jon Stanhope viewed the cars on display, and took a few minutes to share some words on the passing of Peter Brock. Pat did an interview with Channel 9 in the morning. We’ll have to see how that turns out.

We spread the word of a Peter Brock Tribute Cruise amongst the various car owners. There was virtually unanimous support, including from the Ford Performance Vehicle Club.

The Peter Brock Tribute Cruise headed off just before 11am, for a drive down to London Circuit and across the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge to Parliament House. A great many a fellow motorist slowed to the same speed as the convoy, at 40km/h and also used the occasion to share a few moments on the passing of the great man of Australian Motorsport.

The assembled gang was keen to do more cruising, so we again departed from Parliament House, via Northbourne Avenue for Natex. En-route Channel 10 called, wanting vision for the Sydney news desk, so we headed back down Northbound again to Parliament House.

Thankyou for those that participated in the cruise, including the Ford Performance Vehicle Club, who also had a great deal of respect for the man.

Members Attending:-
Kevin – UC Hatch
Luke – LJ 4dr
Phil – LX Hatch
Pat – LH SL/R 5000

Press Release
Canberra Peter Brock Tribute Cruise

The Canberra Torana Club led a 40km/h, lights ablaze, Tribute Cruise to the motor racing legend Peter Brock today through the streets of Canberra. The cruise followed a display at the Australian Motoring Federations AGM, held at the Rydges Lakeside in Canberra.

The Club was joined by the Holden FE-FX Club, StreetRides, the Ford Peformance Vehicle Club, and other car and motorcycle clubs affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs. In all 50-60 cars of all marques and makes departed just before 11:00am, via London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue to Parliament House.

At Parliament House, those attending felt it wasn’t enough of a tribute for such a great man, so a secondary cruise was run the length of Northbourne Avenue and back.

Holden, Ford and motorcycle owners alike were stunned and shocked by the sudden passing of the great man. A man that had motoring enthusiasts convinced that he was invincible in the face of any challenge. Others believing that death wasn’t in Peter’s contract with his fans.

It is ironic that his life has been taken partaking in an activity he was considered as the master, driving cars, hence the name Peter Perfect.

Thankyou to the other ACT Motor Clubs present in your assistance in recognising the achievements of this great Australian motoring icon, and his sudden passing.

RIP Peter Brock, your memory will live on in your fans. Thankyou for the memories.

Pat Gagel
On behalf of the members of
Canberra Torana Club

Council of ACT Motor Clubs



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