Burrinjuck Dam
9th - 10th April 2005

Gerry's SL/R 5000

Laurie's SS Hatch

Phil's 308 Hatch

Pat's and Rod's
SL/R 5000s

Heading down
to the water

Loading the boat
in the water

Laurie & Gazz

Trying to start the boat

Mike & Laurie

Trevor's L34

Parked at the campsite

Rod's SL/R 5000

Maree's Calais

Marty's Daily Driver

Amanda's SLR

Mike's ute and Trevs L34

Andrews Club Sport

Steve's 327 LJ

The campsite
Burrinjuck Run 9-10 th April, 2005

Macca's for breakfast, although it was probably faster walking through the drive-thru than lining up. We headed off to Burrinjuck with the intention to drive directly to the turn-off, Laurie's tummy doesn't agree with the breakfast menu, so it was a quick stop at Macca's in Yass. We have to remove the rule that it is compulsory to stop at every McDonald's en-route.
It wasn't long till we were off on our way to the turn-off. On the way, road works slowed our progress. Realising the speed limit was faster in the rest area, Pat and Rod made use of the rest area as a detour. At the turn-off we met up with Denise and Tony, with fishing gear, 4WD's and boats in hand. Gerry had attended early, or overtaken us while we were at one of the Macca's. We arrived to find his car covered in dust, he took a wrong turn somewhere!!!
Instead of a group, we were from one end of the park to the other. Pat and Rod's families entered negotiations with the Park management, and moved to the cabins alongside the camp area. We couldn't understand why more of us couldn't move closer. We would soon find out why, as a few tilt trucks pulled up, and carted them away. The club ladies were most happy with their large mansion they organised on the hill with lake views! Marty & Shane spent the night in the Torrie next to the water, absolute waterfront.
Tony, staying for a few extra days fishing, bought everything, including the kitchen sink, and the ironing board??? (fish scaling bench I'm told). The kids really liked his 3 buckets of yabbies, and spent most of the weekend making sure they were OK. When they weren't they were with the Kangaroos, or at the playground next door. We hardly saw them. Special thanks to Laura for taking them swimming, and bringing them back wet, safe and sound.
We settled down to a few drinks, some fishing, a few more drinks, dinner, and a few more drinks and plenty of discussion about nothing in particular. A local kangaroo, we dubbed skip, bought us regular updates on Mike's boat, dubbed the SS Minnow. Tony provided twilight cruises of the dam wall as well. The Club's Russell Coyt also took tours of the lake and the prize catch for the day can only be termed as an over-grown goldfish, caught by none other than Lawrie.
In the morning, a few noisy members were unusually quiet. Lawrie rose, before absconding with the SS Minnow and LJ to the dam. We cleaned up, and waited for Laurie to return. A few anxious members made their way home early, the sounds of Torrie engines reverberating through the valley. Overall, a pretty relaxing weekend, with yummy warm autumn weather.

Cars Attending in no Particular Order:-
Mike HQ Ute & Boat
Amanda, Nathan & Cody LH
Maree & Michelle VK Calais
Denise, Lincoln, Tyrone & Joshua Jackaroo + trailer
Tony Corcoran Land Cruiser + Boat
Andrew & Marissa VT Clubsport
Trevor & Garry L34
Phil & Jamie LX Hatch
Marty & Shane LH
Rod, Laura, Micheal, Jacqueline, & Cheyenne LH
Laurie & Tane LX Hatch
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie LH
Steve & John 327 LJ
Vish VK Calais
Gerry & Melanie - LX

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