Saturday 15th February 2003

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Pat in his and Robyn's
SL/R 5000

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Laurie helping Pat to seperate
traffic from the bikes in his A9X

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Pat on Monaro St Queanbeyan
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Pat & Laurie negotiate
the round - about

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Phil's new LX Sedan
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Group shot of all the Torana's
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Convoy for Kids with Cancer Run Report.

The Convoy marked our first official run as the Canberra Torana Club. The fun started early, with Phil calling in that he needed a timing light because his engine was running off song, and some sort of short behind the dash was pushing Pat's temperature gauge off the scale. Not good for driving on a hot day. Anyway, Phil did a quick call in to John's, a slight adjustment and it was a case of cat and mouse across town as he and John tried to catch up with Pat and Laurie, while Amanda and Mike awaited the main group to turn up at McDonalds Dickson Car park.

Still with no sign of Phil or John, we departed for the show grounds, when Phil called just as we turned onto Northbourne Avenue, to enquire of our whereabouts. With Laurie waiting at the Shell, Amanda and Mike at the car park on the other side of the McDonalds, rendezvous point maps appear essential.

Driving up Northbourne, we passed the amassed trucks on Northbourne Avenue. As we were behind the bikes, we had to snake our way up the median strip to the front to go after the motorcycles. We parked the three Toranas in the middle lane of Northbourne to allow the bikes space to depart. Phil soon arrived, but John had somehow got lost en-route, and was never heard of again!

No sooner had we got out, paid our $25 to the Eden-Monaro Cancer Support Group, put our T-shirts on, and we were off. Jon Stanhope waved the Australian flag to start the convoy, ably assisted by Pat's new set of air horns, which almost gave the Chief Minister a heart attack!

Following motorcyclists, the ride into and through town was extremely brisk! Mike was hanging out the window trying out the new digital toy, making movies and taking pictures of us driving through town! Can't remember what speed I was doing through the red light/speed camera, Dulp!!!

Confusion reigned again as we crossed the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, and Phil missed the turn off! He wouldn't catch us again till we were in Queanbeyan.

The drive through town was enjoyable, with people starting to line the route for the trucks, which were a ways behind us! The drive through town was enjoyable, as the bikers stopped traffic for us at all the round-a-bouts! If only driving to work every day was like that!

In next to no time we arrived in Queanbeyan. There were heaps more people, and again, the motorcyclists timid little horns were ably supported by the tooting horns of the Toranas.

By the time we made our way into the Queanbeyan Showground, the sky turned ugly, and before we knew it we were all running for shelter, as the heavens opened, which was great to settle the dust. Robyn, Madeline, Emily and Ainslie arrived soaking wet as they walked to the showground from the Main Street.

After the rain stopped, we took in the rides, Laurie trying to convince everyone to go on the Hurricane, to which there were no takers. Time for a quick bite and a refreshing drink, and we returned to the cars.

The cars were a mess, with a mixture of water and dust! We awaited the arrival of the trucks, of which there were many.

Following the arrival of the trucks, restless kids, and the sight of our dirty cars, we all decided to head off, and get our cars prepared for Shannon's Wheels Expo the next day.

All in all, the event marked a pretty successful event for the Club's first official run.


Cars Attending:-
Laurie & Aiden - LX A9X Hatch
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie - LH SL/R 5000
Amanda, Mike, Nathan, and Brendan - LH SL/R
Phil, and Jamie - LX Sedan
John (MIA) - LX Hatch

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