Captains Flat Run

Sunday 3rd August 2003

Narrabundah KFC 10am

Memorial to the miners
Pat designed it!!!

The kids at the park

Captains Flat main street

Original LJ XU-1


More XU1 pics

John playing pool at the
Captain’s Flat Pub

Vish playing pool at the
Captain’s Flat Pub

Motorcycle Museum - Closed

Taking a look around the mines

Captains Flat

Exploring the old mines

More exploring!

The group!!

Departed Braddon

Captain’s Flat Run

Fog greeted us at Narrabundah KFC for the start of the run. Kevin dropped in on his way to buy truck tires for the Land Bruiser, with news that the LJ is progressing. Laurie sent his apologies, as he was in bed with the flu. Mike, Amanda & Nathan were also unable to attend with young Nathan in Hospital, and Amanda with the flu as well as Alan & Jan Harriot who also had a previous enguagement to attend.

We noticed a nice white Torana, possibly an A9X 4-dr at the Fyshwick Markets, and a Red 4-dr LC/LJ as we left, which followed the group for a while.

No longer than we had crossed the border, than the group was bathed with sunshine and blue skies. As to be expected, the group became fragmented coming through Queanbeyan. Other than that the drive to the Flat, about 40 minutes drive, was uneventful.

We pulled up at the local amenities, and took time for a toilet stop, play on the swings, and to have a look at the Memorial Pat designed. The memorial was undergoing further landscaping work, which was good to see.

After about three-quarters of an hour, we continued the short rumble into town to stop for lunch. We ended up going to the Captain’s Flat Pub. The Pub is supposed to have the longest bar in the Southern Hemisphere, and the new publican has plans of opening up the full bar some time in the near future.

While ordering a couple of beverages, word got out that the publican had a Torana. With little more said, and lunch already ordered, it was out to the shed we went. The car has not been on the road for 12 years, and still in reasonable condition, other than dust, and a few good dents in the odd panel.

Sure enough, after some discussion, it was discovered that it was an original LJ XU-1, with what we believe to be a factory warranty replacement engine. The original owner’s comments confirmed this, advising the new owner that the original engine had been replaced after it threw a conrod through the block. A Club working-bee back to the Flat could be coming up!

Lunch was superb, and we broke for a couple of games of pool. For the record, Joe and LJ beat the Club pool sharks, Vish and Phil.

We left the pub and had a look at the Outsider Café, and the artwork. We were treated to some superb artwork by local artist Gunther. We left in search of the dam, which we didn’t find. So we left for the Motorcycle Museum, which we found out has closed down.

We pushed on, and went to the old Weigh Station and up to the Mine for some photographs. The mine provided some interest, as we wandered around the site looking at the ruins.

Back in the cars, we cruised back after a fun day, for the agreed dispersal point in Braddon. The only event, a lady in a Volvo who pulled out of Fyshwick Markets cutting off Gerry and immediately moving to the left lane without indicating!!! Only some good driving by Gerry avoided an accident.

We were blessed with great weather, and despite a slightly bumpy road, a good run!

Cars Attending:-
Kevin – Land Bruiser (Rendezvous Point only)
Trevor – L34 SL/R 5000
LJ, Phil & Joe – LJ 2-dr
Gerry & Melanie – LX SL/R 5000
Vish & Jarron – LH 4-dr
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie – LH SL/R 5000

More Photos

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