Casurina Sands BBQ
"Steve's 50th"

Sunday 23rd August 2010


Gerry's Photos

Casurina Sands Club Run

What a picture perfect day for our club run down to Casurina Sands. The
sun was shining and the forecast was for a clear sunny day. A stark
contrast to the day before!

The meeting time was 10.30am for an 11.00am departure at the Woolworths
Car park at Coleman Court in Weston. The tribe slowly gathered and when
we had the majority on hand, we left on time to head on down to the
Cotter for a relaxing BBQ. We got there at around 11.30am and set up
camp. For those who don't know, Casurina Sands has recently undergone a
rebuild after the 2003 Canberra bush fires where it was decimated. The
new amenities were excellent which made for a very relaxing and
comfortable day.

Once set up, King Lawrie kicked the BBQ into action. Again the BBQ meat
was supplied by Mastercut meats in Hume. A big thanks to them again as
the meat was very nice indeed. After a good feed we all sat around and
talked about our up coming trip to Newcastle for Toranafest. We were
all discussing the finer points about departure times and accommodation,
and of course, ensuring all the cars would be ready.

The kids had a free reign and plenty of room to run around and kick the
soccer ball. Despite there being a river close by, they all behaved
very well and none managed to get wet. They all played well together
and were all red in the face when it came time to leave.

Prior to leaving we decided to have a small picture shoot. We gathered
a few of the cars together to get some nice pictures to update the club

In all it was a great day. We had 7 Torana's turn up in the end and
probably around 20 adults and children.

Thanks to all those that attended.

Craig B - Red LX LS2 hatch
Craig W and kids - Blue LH SL/R 5000
Trev - Orange LX 308 sedan
Pete and Linda- White A9X sedan
Gerry and kids - White 308 hatch
Mick and Belinda- Duple LJ Rover V8
Mark and kids - Green LX LS2 SL/R
Brad and Shelly- XF Falcon
Lawrie and kids- Gold XU6
Steve B - Passenger
Phil and Madison- VX SS
Paul T and Alek - Nissan Patrol

Run Co-Ordinator

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