Collector Cruise
22nd April 2007


Video from the Collector Cruise

Collector Cruise
22nd April 2007

A day of mixed sunny patches and the odd shower greeted the two cars that headed off from Dickson for the cruise to Collector for lunch. On the Federal Highway, past the Queanbeyan turnoff, we noted a peculiarly familiar VT Commodore sitting on the side of the road. It was Lawrie, with young Aiden. We continued on, and Lawrie joined us on the cruise to Collector.

Arriving at Collector, it is interesting that no matter how many times you go somewhere, it always seems different to the way you remember it. Traffic volumes were low compared to our previous visit after the Pumpkin Festival, so we decided to take advantage of parking directly in front of the Hotel. We were greeted by the Publican’s Great Dane, that soon tired of us and decided to surprise some cyclists passing the pub on the highway a surprise. It worked!!!

We filed in, ordered some drinks, and grabbed a pew before ordering some lunch. Aiden shared a story with us on how his Dad removed one of his front teeth. As with all the kids in the Club, he is maturing fast and turning into quite a pleasant young man.

As per usual, the food was to die for, extremely good quality, and in vast quantities for not much coin. Just love going to that place, so close to Canberra, and so good. The Great Dane frequented us during the meal, looking for the odd scrap of food. Lawrie told it to go, and believe it or not it did, although this only worked the once. The kids didn’t find the dog’s dribbling mouth too amusing.

We headed off about 1:30pm for the V8 Supercars and other tasks that needed to be done.

While the weather wasn’t the best, it wasn’t too bad either. Besides the odd small shower, it mostly stayed dry.

A quick but relaxing cruise with good food and company.

Cars Attending:
Craig – LH SL/R 5000
Pat, Robyn, Emily & Ainslie – LH SL/R 5000
Lawrie & Aiden – VT XU-6

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