Collector Run
Sunday 21st July 2009



The start to the morning wasn't looking too promising! The rain looked like it was going to set in for the day! Despite that, there wasn't anything going to put a dampener on what promised to be a good run.

The meeting point was at the Gateway Shell servo at EPIC. In all we had 8 cars turn up which was a really good turn out considering the weather. Although there were only the 3 torana's, the other vehicles were owned by the "cars in progress" owners :-).

I had to do a running repair before leaving as a lengthy drive on 7 cylinders wasn't going to do the car any good. Luckily I discovered that one of my leads had displaced itself.

We set off at just after 10.30. Craig lead the way (as a SL/R 5000 should do) followed by me in the hatch and Brad in his beast! The others followed in turn.

The drive was quite sedate given the wet conditions. Lawrie did his usual drive past of all the cars to take pictures on the move. Phil was behind the helm of the camera.

We got to Collector at around 11.30. We all pulled up out the front of the Bushranger and headed in for a look around. We settled in the back bear garden area as it had a TV for us car racing fans. We promptly ordered our beers and started the torana talk! A bit later we decided on lunch after checking out the menu. I must say that lunch was top class and everyone enjoyed a good meal. The publican was very welcoming and even popped out to have a look at the Torana's. He used to own an LH 4.2 before it got stolen many years ago.

After lunch some of the boys and kids played a little pool and the rest of us continued to discuss how we could make the world a better place. It was really good to see some of the wives and partners tag along too. This also ensured the driving stayed at a safe level!

In all the day was a great success. The venue was perfect and definitely a place to revisit come the warmer weather. The drive back was also a nice leisurely cruise.

Thanks to all that attended, it made for a very enjoyable day. Thanks also to the Bushranger hotel staff who made us feel very welcome.


Craig - LH 5000
Gerry - LX hatch
Brad/Shelly - LH beast
Craig/Helen - VE SS ute
Lawrie/Imogen/Phil - VT XU6
Paul/wife - VZ CX8
Steve/wife - Sodablast machine
Brett - CV8 Monaro.

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