Cooma Motorfest 2011

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Cooma Motorfest 2011

We met at the Woollies Servo on the Monaro highway Hume at 7.00 am and after consuming a number of coffees we all departed for Cooma at about 7.30. Steve Barrie was designated the lead vehicle and set the pace around the state speed limit. There are point to point speed cameras set up the Monaro hwy these days so maintaining the speed limit was a good idea. We maintained a gap of about 3 seconds between each other as we drove south toward Cooma, however this soon stretched out to about 10 car lengths when we hit Road Works just south of Williamsdale. The road had recently been resurfaced and there were loose rocks everywhere! Brake light City boys and girls! To make things worse there was a semi trailer coming the other way which made it even more difficult to preserve the paintwork.

The rest of the trip was reasonably uneventful except for 2 caravaner's that we came upon just north of Polo Flat. Talk about inconsiderate! They had absolutely no idea they had 2 kilometres of traffic piled up behind them when they decided to do 40 kilometres per hour all the way into Cooma. What a drag!

Anyhow, we reported for duty at the showground and after paying the nominated entry fee we set up the display. Just like Newcastle, we had the trailer on display with the buntings stretched across the cars. They looked really good. We had I think 8 cars in total attend including 3 LX's and 5 pointy ones.

Everyone pitched in to set up the site which made the job that much easier so thanks to all that helped. We went for a quick scout around the show and then returned to cook breakfast. I scored the cooks role for that one. In the meantime Mr Ballard and the our President decided to sabotage my car by placing John Deere Tractor signs on it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm whats that about small things and small minds?

Anyway after dressing up Cairg's car a little bit to make it look like it should have been an entrant in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (Ah! I can see it being a long long year). We had a spot of lunch. Ably cooked by Micks family. Thanks guy's!

There were a number of cars on display at the show I think around 300. A few classic and vintage cars as well as a few production muscle cars and a few modifieds/hotrods.

The show ended at around 3pm . Steve Barrie and myself along with our wives stayed on in Cooma and had a dinner and a few quiet ones at the Alpine hotel. It was a good relaxing way to end the show. Next morning we had breakfast at one of the local Cafes and headed home about 10.30am.

On the way back we stopped off at Craig's place at Royalla and met up with a few club members for a BBQ. Very nice thanks Craig! Apparently we only had one drama on the way home and that was Brett's car. It had apparently developed a problem with the fuel regulator. Craig Ballard came to the rescue with the tilt tray. I think it is a minor fix so we should see the old burnt Orange beats or should I say Caterpillar back on the road soon.

Cheers Paul.

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