BBQ at the Cotter
October 2004


Phils SS 308

Lauries SS


Bretts A9X 427

Gerrys SL/R 5000

Very Original!

Luke & Kevins LJ

Laurie & Gerrys cars

Peters A9X

Marks LX 4 Door

Mikes LC

Johns LX SL/R

Trevors L34

Steves 327 LJ

Pat and Trevors cars

Pats SL/R 5000

Jeremys SL/R 5000

Phils 308 Hatch

At the Cotter!

Count em people!!

14 Cars


A very good turnout!

The Club Trailer

Getting dinner ready!

The Chefs!

With the warmer weather, and following the escapades of the Bathurst Brigade and Toranafest goers, it was time to get the club together for a relaxing local BBQ at the Cotter.

We met at Old Parliament House at 4:00pm for a 4:30pm departure to the Cotter. Despite the forecast for afternoon rain, the weather was great. Lawrie led the way with the club trailer, while the rest followed.

Out at the Cotter, the main BBQ area was largely unoccupied, so we parked the cars, and set up the BBQ next to the playground. This was about the last time that we saw the kids, as they migrated to the playground for the afternoon.

It was good to catch up with everyone. Phil continued his winning streak, winning the inaugural club raffle. One of the highlights was the sound of Steve's Chev powered LJ roaring up through the valley, what a sweet sound.

Well done to the committee for organizing the food, yummo!

We went till the sun went down, prior to making the return run home. It was a good turn out with 14 Toranas, goodness knows how many people, and Al & Jan's Falcon.

Lawrie & Aden LX SS + Club Trailer
Brett A9X
Peter, Linda and daughter A9X 4 Door
Mark, Maree and kids LX
Gerry, Belinda, Melanie & Jamie - LX SL/R 5000
Jeremy, Rose & the dog LH SL/R 5000
Trevor LH L34
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie LH SL/R 5000
Phil LX Hatch
Amanda & Nathan LX SS Hatch
Mike LC 2 Door
Steve, Maree & Kids LJ Chev
Kevin & Luke LJ 4 Door
John LX SL/R

Al & Jan - Falcon

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