Cotter BBQ
30th January 2005


Laurie's SS

Trevors LH


Steve's 327 LJ

Phil's 308 Hatch

Pat's SL/R 5000

Sam's LX 308

Mark's LX L32

John's SL/R

Kevin's UC

Trevor's L34

Some of the group!

Jan cooking

Jeremy's work car

Tim's Porshe

Brett's CV8 Monaro

Cotter BBQ - 30 January 2005
We rolled up at 3:00pm to the Cooleman Court carpark. Sam dropped off a pizza on his way back to work to pick up his Torry. It was about 4:00pm after finally catching up with everyone, that we embarked on our first run for the year. It wasn't the most orderly of departures, with a broken down Magna blocking the way, and cars going every which way while a few members lent a helping hand to push the car off the roadway.
The drive to the Cotter was very smooth and incident free. We were met at the Cotter by Steve in his 327 Chev LJ, and later by Lj, who by the sounds of things has fitted some solid timing gears to his LX SL/R.
We set up the BBQ, and had lunch, followed by a few cold drinks and friendly chit-chat. We were told that there was a Neighbours star BBQ'ing down the road, but puhhh, we were with our torries. Sorry, didn't even get his name. Besides, we had our own Olympic medallist with us.
Vish reminisced taking photographs of his current car, and the two that he's owned previously.
We finished up at about 6:30 7:00pm. Not much to report, just a casual BBQ, but a great relaxing start to yet another busy year with our Torries.
Not a bad showing for the first run, a total of 16 cars, 10 of those being Toranas, and a total of 36 people, including the kids. Jan did a marvelous job in ensuring that we had enough food to feed the hoard. Special thank you to the weather gods.

Lj & Nick LX SL/R
Phil LX Hatch
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily, Ainslie LH SL/R 5000
Kevin UC Hatch
Maree, Michelle & James LX Sedan
Sam LX Sedan
Mark, Maree, Jacob & Luke - LX L32 Sedan
Trevor & Gary LH SL/R 5000 L34
Laurie & Aiden LX SS Hatch
Steve, Eve & Casey LJ GTR 327 Chev

Daily Drivers & Others
Tim Porsche 924
Brett Monaro CV8
Al & Jan Falcon
Andrew, Marissa, Jason, Cody & Ben VN Commodore
Jeremy & Rose Quick Fit Proton Ute
Vish VK Commodore Calais

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