Cotter BBQ & Photoshoot

26th February 2006


Cotter BBQ & Photo Shoot
26th February, 2006

Revenge of the Round Torries

We rocked up to Weston at 11:00am or shortly thereafter, with cars parked in three different locations. Never mind, all was good. Pat did his common push start again…. grrr…. got to fix that. We headed out some time after 11:30 with Alan leading us out.

We headed out at a leisurely pace to the Cotter, picking up Paul, Callum and his other son (will find out his name one day) spinning their wheels on a side road. A lone Skyline also got a bit excited towards the back of the pack apparently. Vish, who was parked in the secret mystery location No. 3 caught up with us by the time we got to the Cotter.

We got the usual looks of amazement as we arrived at the Cotter, parked the cars, and worked out the best spot to spend the day. Don’t know how we managed it, but got all the cars parked together, the Cotter was pretty busy.

We cooked up lunch to feed the 35+ mouths in attendance. In what continues to be a trend for this year, we were visited by another young Tiger Snake, which darted past the BBQ, Pops nearly standing on it. It took refuge under the Club trailer and Robyn’s VN Commodore. Never saw it again. Gerry took over cooking, and worked most eagerly on trying to rid the plate of the remaining snags.

Lunch was excellent, leaving us all not wanting to move. Phil rounded up the troops for the annual photo shoot across the road. Jenine took the opportunity to play with her new toy, a digital SL/R camera. Dave Bolin also sprang into action taking quite a few good shots of the cars.

We packed up, and got the vehicles all ready for the return trip, although I hear that others lingered on till about 4:00pm.

A very leisurely and relaxing outing, with the round Torries nearly outnumbering the square ones.

Attended by:-
Alan - LX
Dean, Jenine, and Angus, with Gerry as baggage – LX
Kevin – LJ
Phil and Madison – LX Hatch
Rod, Michael, Jacqueline, & Cheyenne – LJ
Paul, Callum & siblings – LX
Mike, Amanda & Nathan – LC
Vish - LX
Pat & Madeline – LH
Craig, Carlee & Tom – VS Wagon
Robyn, Emily & Ainslie – VN Wagon + trailer
Maree, James, Michelle, Casey & Eve – VR Wagon
Jan & Pops - Falcon
David – Toyota Echo

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