Cotter BBQ
Sunday 21st January 2007

Cotter Run report 21 Jan 2007

The first run for 2007 we saw a reluctance for many of the club Torana’s to emerge from their sheds despite a favourable change in the weather. A warm day with overcast skies and rain threatening. Rain needed badly as the country side is so dry. An impromptu visit by the ACT/Queanbeyan Torana club in the closing stages of the day was a pleasant surprise. Jan’s salad was as popular as ever and Trev had the onions pre-cut, which was greatly appreciated. The run out was a steady cruise with few cars on the road,
The picnic area also had plenty of room available and well serviced with a convenience van and Mr whippy arrived at the end of the day. The kids played well together and adults had a relaxing chat and a few snags under the shade of the Plane trees.
We had the debut of two new Torana’s. Trevor’s original LX S Model complete with drum brake front end and Gerry’s new LX SLR 5000 which will be accompanying its twin in his garage. Trev was talking about club rego for the LX S Model, and Gerry mentioned extending the garage.
Laurie and Phil were late starters but managed to attend. They had been doing some mechanical repairs to Phils car.

From The Canberra Torana Club:
Lawrie & Phil - Commodore
Gerry & Belinda, Jamie - LX SLR 5000
Trevor & Marisa – LX S Model
Craig, Anne, Carly & Tom- LH SLR 5000
Callum – Barina
Kevin – UC Hatch
Maree, Steve, Casey & Eve – Casey & Eve VN Commodore

Thanks all for coming!

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