Casuarina Sands
Sunday 12 February 2012


Casuarina Sands

I think that the words relaxed and jovial best describe the 2012 version of our annual Casuarina Sands BBQ run. An even dozen of the Generals' finest – one more than last year - gathered at the Woolies car park at 10ish on Sunday morning under threatening skies. As it turned out the weather was absolutely perfect although I did count nine drops of rain at one stage – thanks to Ivan for shutting my sunroof.

Following half an hour of “re-connecting” and ribbing each other about how much weight some of us had put on over the festive season we commenced the leisurely 12.6 km drive along the beautifully resurfaced road to our destination. Many were surprised at how quickly the recently opened John Gorton Drive and Molonglo Valley suburbs of Wright and Coombs have progressed since the corresponding run of last year.

Many heads were turned as the convoy of torries and other member cars – most notably Brad's lovely Pulsar – meandered its way through the picturesque rolling green hills and within sight of the impressive Cotter Dam enlargement construction site that now dominates the Cotter landscape.

On arrival the traditional Torana Avenue was formed and the usual suspects got to work unpacking the club trailer and preparing the bbq area and gazebos. A sumptuous banquet soon followed to sooth the rumbling tummies of the 30 adults and 15 children who were in attendance. As the photos show the day was mainly about kicking back and shooting the breeze whilst the kids and a few brave adults got into a bit of cricket, football and fishing in the river. A special mention goes to those kids who took part in the inaugural CTC “I Can Chuck A Bigger Rock Into The River Than You” contest. Nice work.

I believe that the day as a whole epitomised what the Canberra Torana Club is all about – a passion for toranas, friendship and having fun. It demonstrated to me that although toranas are the common interest that we all share the social aspect of uniting families and friends is the vital component that will ensure our club remains such a happy and successful one.

Thank you to everyone for again making this event a roaring success and additional thanks must go to those who assisted in setting up, cooking lunch and packing up – we all know who you are.

I would also like to take this opportunity to send a special shout out to Phil as we all wish you the best of luck for a speedy recovery following your upcoming operation.

Have fun and please be careful out there.

Stephen G

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