Meet and Greet - Casuarina Sands
Sunday 16th February 2014

Hello all.

After what seemed a long break between drinks after the festive period, the club was finally out and about again for another BBQ lunch at the Cotter.

The weather again looked like it was going to try and spoil our day. And towards the end it did pelt down some what but we were all comfortably under shelter by that time.

Anyway, as usual we started off at Coleman Court at around 10.30am. I must say I was interested to see just how many would turn up given the fickle weather. Well I was pleasantly surprised. It would seem that people were still keen to go for a run, albeit not all were in their 70's beasts. I think the threat of afternoon storms and lightening must have gotten the better of them :-)

So we headed off at 11.00am sharp out for a trek through the back of Uriarra Crossing and up passed Uriarra Village. The plan was to head to Casuarina Sands as long as it wasn't overpopulated, which was unlikely with the weather forecast for the day.

So we arrived there about 11.30am after a very sedate drive given the roads were still a little slippery. Not a breath to waste and we were cooking the BBQ. My hat goes off to the BBQ chef, he was outstanding today :-)

As usual, the spread of food was more than plentiful....but Bevo did have to make a mad dash back into town to grab some essentials he had overlooked (butter and sauce).

Lunch aside, the clan gibbered away and let the kids run free. Keeping them dry towards the end of the day was about the only challenge we all faced.

I would also like to mention that we had a visit from Tom Martin who decided to pop in for his first local run with the club. Bout time he turned up. As if South QLD was too far to travel to Canberra on regular occasions. Well done Tom. We really appreciate you making the effort to drive down and spend the day with us!.....I hope your drive home is a safe one!

We also had 2 new cars turn up today. And weren't they both beautiful in their own way. We were graced with a 4.2L, 4spd hatchback in Atalntis Blue, totally original and un-restored. What a great little car and a very proud owner too. The other car was a Chevy orange (Red) 4 door LX with the LH war paint. It had a grumpy 350 in it and had just been purchased from an owner in QLD. Glad to see both new members with their family tag along. Hope you all enjoyed us ruffheads :-)

At the end of the day we all had a great afternoon outing. The rain wasn't enough to dampen our day, and the drive home was enjoyable to boot. Thanks to all that made the effort to attend. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow night for the monthly meeting.
Cheers, Gerry

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