Cotter Meet & Greet Picnic
Sunday, 25th October 2009

Run Report

Today's meeting place for our bi-annual Cotter BBQ was Cooleman court
car park. The weather looked like it was going to give us a fair run
although showers were forecast for the afternoon. We decided to turn up
10 minutes early. Come 11.00am the club cars started to turn up. In all
there were 7 cars, 5 Torana's. A good start considering half the club
cars are currently laid up getting a makeover (amazing what 30 plus
years does to our old girls).

At 11.30 we all climbed into our beasts and started our winding run down
to the Cotter BBQ area. The drive was very sedate and all cars managed
to keep together. As we pulled up we got the usual crowd wander up and
have a sticky beak at the cars, always a good feeling. We set ourselves
up for a relaxing afternoon. The kids went straight for the chocolates
that Helen had kindly brought, mind you so did half the adults! After a
fix they headed over to the grassy area and alternated between cricket
and footy. With some of the adults showing they still can keep up with
the younger generation.

The afternoon was very relaxing and the weather was mostly kind to us.
It threatened to shower and a few spots did fall but not enough to put a
dampener on things. Food was bring your own so there was no BBQ fuss this
time around. Mind you Mark kindly brought some Salami that he decided to
throw on the hot plate. As far as appetisers go, you couldn't beat it!
Thanks Mark  :-) We had a late arrival in Brett and his daughter in
their Monaro.

We took Brad's beast up to the top car park to do a photo shoot. The
overcast skies supplied ideal settings for the photos. The car looked
awesome! Mind you the old Top loader in it decided to become stubborn
and locked itself in 3rd gear. With a bit of ingenuity Trev got under it
and rectified the problem, he is a handy little panel beater :-)

We decided that we would head home around 2.30pm. In all the day was
very pleasant and relaxing. Gerry!

Brad and Shelly - Black 350 hatch
Craig and Tom - LH SL/R 5000
Trev - Orange LX 308
Mark - Blue 308 hatch
Gerry, Mel and Jamie - White 308 hatch.
Craig and Helen - CV8Z Monaro
Lawrie - VT XU6.
Brett and Kayla - CV8 Monaro

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