Dyno Day 06

20th May 2006


Supposedly there was a chance of showers, but from our departure point at KFC, it was all sun for the third annual Dyno Day at Autotech in Fyshwick. You could just tell from the departure point, that the top HP trophy was already Brett’s. We trundled on through Fyshwick to Autotech, not realising some Motorbike Fest thing was going on, motorbikes and trailers everywhere.

We got set up for the afternoon, while Peter finished off with a Toyota Sprinter customer. Peter ran through the safety rules for the day, and we sent the first victim, um car, into the shed, young Sam and his LX. We progressively ran through all the cars, stopping with Phil’s for lunch.

Lunch finished, and it was back into it for the afternoon session.

Notable occurrences for the day include:
• Two guys jumping into the back of first Phil’s, then Brett’s car to aid traction on the rollers
• Brett’s car, need we say more
• Pat running up 199.4, then 199.8 RWHP, before realising a further 10HP in the air filter to take it past the 200HP barrier
• Amanda’s Barbie Car (blame Mike) pushing 164 HP
• Mark III’s VX LS1 powered SS Commodore pushing out 328 HP
• Gerry convinced something was not right, sticking it on the dyno a second time to find that the secondary air flap was jammed closed, only to pip Mark II (his mate) for a trophy
• An epidemic of Marques: Torana Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III

The Capital Powder Coating trophies for the day were awarded to:

Best HP on the Day: Brett – 454 LX Hatch – 411 HP

Best Holden V8 on the Day Phil – 308 LX Hatch – 282 HP
2nd Holden V8 Gerry – LX SL/R 5000 – 237 HP
3rd Holden V8 Peter – Marty’s 308 LH – 221 HP

Best Holden 6 on the Day John – LJ 202 – 136 HP

Special thanks and appreciation where given to Peter for putting on yet another fantastic day. His knowledge and interest in cars, leaving everybody that attended with a few things to think about in keeping the old girls running at their prime.

Also special thanks to Lawrie for doing his thing in the shed, and Jan doing her thing with the food, Mike & Amanda leading the charge in packing up the trailer, and Paul for towing the trailer home, much appreciated. A great day.

The activities attracted a stream of visitors all day, so apologies if you or your invited guests have been left off the list.

Gerry – LX SL/R 5000
Sam – LX
Peter – Marty’s LH
Dean & Adam – LX 253
Brett, Alan & Fan Club – LX 427 Hatch
Phil, Madison, Lawrie, Aiden, Vish– LX Hatch
Mark II, Patrick & Riley– SS Hatch
Lee – LX SL/R 253
John & Jan – LJ
Steve, Casey & Eve – LJ 327
Pat – LH SL/R 5000
Mike, Amanda & Nathan – VN S Commodore
Mark III – VX SS Commodore
Steve – VR Commodore
Craig – VT Wagon
Paul & Callum - Landcruiser
Mark I, wife & kids
Paul Tomkins & little one
Mick and Joe Doherty


Dyno Sheet Printouts










We didnt get everyone's dyno printout.
If yours is missing send me a scan and ill get it online for you.



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