Dyno Day
21st July 2007

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Trev's Dyno Run


Dyno Day
Saturday 21 July 2007

An early start to the day for me, off to Trevor’s to collect the trailer only to find him in the middle of last minute tinkering (roll cage in one car and an alternator in the other) busy boy.

After a quick tub for the trailer it was off to meet everyone at the rendezvous point.

First to arrive was Rod in his new family member a beautiful Morris 1000, a big man in a little car. Shortly after, the rest of the mob arrived. After a quick mingle it was off to Autotech Services. On arrival we found out that Tony’s Torana had engine trouble back at the rendezvous point, he jointed us after a quick call to the original NRMA aka Dad.

Many thanks to all the hands that helped make the setting up of the barbeque, tables etc a breeze. A big thank you to Peter from Master Cut Meats for sponsoring the yummy sausages & steaks, thank you to Gerry (the Iron Chef Aussie) for the cooking.

Thank you to Paul from Autotech for running the Dyno for us in Pete’s absence. The day ran smoothly with a grand total of 16 cars gracing the rollers. The big challenge for the day was for the lowest horse power, the gauntlet thrown down by Joe with Rod accepting the challenge. Joe went first with his 3cyl Charade with doof doof, and sports exhaust. Grand total 46.2hp, a total trounced on by Rod’s Morris with 24.1hp.

The biggest horsepower on the day was D.Arnold - VB 308 - 338.7hp with three people sitting in the boot for traction control. Best V8 Torana for the day went to Craig - SL/R5000 - 224.6hp. A pleasant surprise for Craig. Best 6cyl went to John - LJ 202 - 134.3hp. This was after John bagging out his engine for having more oil on the outside than on the inside. Trophies will be presented at the next General Meeting.
(Please see run photos for further results.)

I’m sure the glorious day we were given (so unlike Canberra this time of year) was the reason so many members came out to test their cars and join the fun. It was great to see so many old and new faces enjoying the day and a common interest. Thanks to all who attended and helped make this a memorable day. Sorry can’t name you all as I’ll run out of space. But I’ll see you at the next run.

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Torana Dyno Results in Horsepower:

Craig - SL/R5000 - 224.6
Alan - LX 253 EFI - 174.2
Trev - LX 5lt - 208.5
Dean - LX 253 - 172.1
John - LJ 202 - 134.3
Tony - LX 308 EFI - 179.1
Andrew - LH 202 - 120.5
Trev - LH 6 cylinder- 72.5

Non Torana Dyno Results in Horsepower:

Lawrie - XU6 - 191.3
Mark - SV5000 - 212.1
Rod - Morris - 24.1
Pete - VH 308 - 177.5
Sam - HQ 350 - 213.4
Joe - Chazza - 46.2 heaps!
D.Arnold - VB 308 - 338.7
C.Ballaris - Monaro - 320.8
J.Keevers - VT - 166

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