Dyno Day

21st February 2004

The Dyno Day 2004 Trophies


Peter's A9X 4 Door

Trevor's L34 with the Club Trailer

Gerry's SL/R 5000 - Dyno Printout


Jeremy's LH 308 - Dyno Printout




Kevin's LJ 202 - Dyno Printout


John's LJ 202 - Dyno Printout



Trevor's L34 - Dyno Printout



Pat's SL/R 5000 - Dyno Printout


Jamie's LH 202 - Dyno Printout


Laurie's A9X - Dyno Printout


Shaun's LX 253 - Dyno Printout

102 HP

Rod's LH 308
146HP - Dyno Printout

Rose & Jeremy's
SL/R 5000 - 161HP - Dyno Printout

David's LH 202
74HP - Dyno Printout

Pat & Jan
Getting lunch ready

Trevor & Pat cooking lunch

Top Lunch!


Thanks Peter from Autotech for an excellent day!!



John - 1st place
80 HP - 6 cylinder class
Dyno Printout


Laurie - 1st place
235 HP - 8 cylinder class
Dyno Printout

David - 2nd place
74 HP - 6 cylinder class
Dyno Printout

Rose & Jeremy - 2nd place
186 HP - 8 cylinder class
Dyno Printout
No Photo
Kevin & Luke - 3rd place
72 HP - 6 cylinder class
Dyno Printout

Gerry - 3rd place
185 HP - 8 cylinder class
Dyno Printout



Dyno Day – 21 February 2004

We all met at KFC Canberra Avenue at 9:00 for a 9:30am departure to Alfatech Services, and Peter Dowling. Even from the early start, it was clear that it was going to be a good, but hot day.

What a sight, 13 Toranas of just about every make and configuration arriving in Fyshwick.

We got established and went through the safety aspects and assigned the various jobs and checks required for the dyno testing. Trevor and Pat pushed off to get the food for the BBQ, while the others assisted in getting everything ready for the testing of 12 cars. Peter with the white A9X had to work, so they headed off shortly after our arrival in Fyshwick.

Jeremy’s Green SL/R 5000 was first up, trailed to the venue by Rose, as Jeremy had to work. It went pretty good considering he had finished bolting it all up 1am the previous morning. He scored a handy 161 HP.

We cycled through the cars. A fierce competition quickly broke out between the six cylinder brigade. There was 0.2HP difference between Lj and Kevin & Lukes car, before a few adjustments to the accelerator linkages on Lj’s car, which added a further 8 HP.

The V8 brigade then cycled through, with some big performances expected, especially from King Laurie. Pat walked away with a nice smile on his face, with the new Yella Terra heads, cam, dizzy regraphing, and carburettor tuning yielding an additional 40HP and a doubling in torque from last years result (refer graph – last year & this year).

By this time, it was certainly getting hot. Despite the forecast for a cool change on Saturday, it appeared that we copped the 38oC we were supposed to receive on Friday. With all 11 cars having completed their run, we received a panicked call from Shaun, saying he’d just finished work, and would be right over. This was no longer than 5 minutes after Peter had noticed that we hadn’t run any 4.2L cars that day.

We broke for lunch, with sausages supplied by High Country Meats, and fresh bread that Pat & Trev bought at the Narrabundah shops.

Following lunch we did the trophy presentations, and thanked Peter for his time and effort yet again. It appeared that Peter had also had a fun day, kindly donating the dyno funds back to the club. The club awarded Peter with a special little present in appreciation for his time and dedication that he extends to the club in using the dyno.

A quick committee meeting resolved, that due to the effort and value of his support (this is the second year running), that Alfatech be offered full sponsorship of the Club.

Thankyou for a fantastic and intriguing day Peter, I’m sure a lot of the members have come away with some clear guidance and ideas on what things they might be doing this year to bump up their performance.

Cars Attending:-
Laurie – A9X
Trevor – LH SL/R 5000 - L34
Rose & Sandy – LH SL/R
Matt – LX SL/R 5000
Lj, Jan & Joe – LJ
Kevin & Luke – LJ 4 dr
David – LH SL/R
Peter & 2 children – A9X 4dr
Shaun – LX
Jamie & Phil – LH
Pat – LH SL/R 5000
Rod – LH
Gerry – LX SL/R 5000
Vish - LH
Gary – carless

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