2005 Queens Birthday Fireworks Night
Saturday the 11th of June 2005

The gang! Watching the fireworks from Trevs shed
Robyn and Trev having a few drinks!
John and Vish letting of a rocket

Run Report by Pat

Gawd, what a wet one, and I'm not talking giving each other wet willies either.

With a predicted 20mm of rain, we headed out from the rendezvous point, all three of us, none in a Torana, to Trevor's place in the rain. Most others avoided the pleasure of standing around in the rain, and headed directly to Trevor's place. The only notable Toranas, besides Phil's SS and Trev's L34 that was moved out of the shed to make way for bodies, was Josh from Riverina Toranas that came for the festivities.

If only to keep warm and stop the kids going feral, we fired up the BBQ, and lit the bonfire. We were sitting down to dinner in no time, thanks again Jan for your efforts. By the time dinner had finished the rain stopped and the bang…..aw began.

Pretty low key affair, but great to catch up with everyone.

Attendees (apologies if your missing):-

Trevor & Chipper - Torana L34

Lawrie - Commodore HSV XU6

Mike, Amanda & Nathan - HQ Feral

Gerry - ?

Pops, Jan & Lj - Ford Falcon

Phil – SS Hatch

Vish - VK Calais

Maree, James, & Michelle - VK Calais

Alan - Corolla

Marissa, Andrew & kids - Commodore HSV Clubsport

Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie - VN Commodore

Two of Trev's neighbours - Resident

Trev's other neighbour in charge of the fire - Resident

Josh, Denise, and kids. (Riverina Toranas) - LH Torana

Rick & Kristen - Laser

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